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Invisible Aligners- This Generation's Boon

Orthodontics has witnessed a revolution in recent times with the advent of clear aligners. Patients with spaces between teeth, or crooked teeth, or proclined teeth or teeth that are completely out of place certainly wish to get their DENTAL deformity corrected.

Over the years, traditional braces have been serving patients to restore their lost smiles. Metal braces and ceramic braces are well known appliances that reinstate lost occlusal function, cosmetic appeal and of course, leading to a better way of life for the patients.

 However, there are certain drawbacks: 

1.Metal and ceramic braces need to be fixed to the teeth surfaces. One cannot remove them.

2.Until the treatment is completed, the braces need to be worn.

3.Monthly visit to the orthodontist is mandatory.

4.Exceptional oral care and hygiene need to be maintained. If not, there are chances of gum       problems, food lodgement, cavities and related issues.

5.Diet is restricted. One cannot chew as he or she likes.

6.Throughout the treatment with metal braces, the smile looks like a metallic smile, with braces  all over.

7.Ceramic braces too have similar disadvantages but cosmetically they too do not achieve the “invisible” demand.

8.If the patient gets his braces by one orthodontist, no other orthodontist would continue the 

case if the patient shifts his or her location. Entire treatment would have to be restarted

 There are many more associated disadvantages like ulcers in the mouth, reduced chewing efficiency etc.All these posed a challenge to the orthodontists to fabricate an appliance that would solve all problems.The result of hard work and research is the modern day clear aligners or invisible aligners.

 All the disadvantages of braces are completely overcome by clear aligners.

1.Patients can remove them easily and replace them comfortably.

2.One needs to wear the aligners till the treatment is complete but aligners prove to be a much  better option.

3.No monthly visits to the orthodontist at all, in fact, no visits are required. Just a few visits would be sufficient at the beginning of the treatment.

4.Oral care would be normal, as usual, no associated problems at all.

5.Complete freedom in diet, eat as you like.

6.Nobody can make out when one wears aligners. They are so transparent that they are practically invisible. This is the greatest advantage to the patient.

7.Invisible aligners belonging to certain companies are accepted by registered orthodontist’s world over, so no problem when one shifts from one place to another. There is always an orthodontist who would be providing clear aligner services.

The only disadvantage is the cost of reputed companies; however, that problem is overcome by approaching the orthodontist for discussion.

With so many advantages clear aligners have become the clear choice of thousands of patients who desire and deserve to look and feel better.

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