Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Reconstruction


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Full dental reconstruction is done when the dentist feels there is the necessity of dental treatment for all the existing teeth .

Full Mouth Reconstruction

The rationale to Full Mouth Reconstruction:

The team of dedicated doctors at The Dental Specialists, India works with a motto to increase the longevity of health and function of existing dentition. Full dental reconstruction is considered when there is a diagnosed irreversible damage with all the teeth in the oral cavity. Any damage to the teeth can occur only in two ways i.e. one due to teeth breakdown and the other due to the supporting tissues break down. Never come to the conclusion that full mouth reconstruction will be necessary only for elderly people because of damage or wear and tear of teeth. There are certain conditions affecting adult teeth that might also result in teeth break down and wear at an early age, thereby creating a necessity for full dental reconstruction.

Who needs a full mouth reconstruction?

Here's a short note on the conditions which require full mouth reconstruction.

  • Severely worn out teeth resulting in shorter teeth further leading to the shorter face with wrinkles giving an aged look
  • Severe bruxism i.e. grinding or clenching one’s teeth during sleep may lead to teeth wear
  • Severe teeth break down to such an extent where there is repeated failure of artificial restorations
  • Sudden trauma from an accident leading to multiple teeth fractures and falling of teeth in total
  • Any temporo mandibular joint (the joint where lower jaw approximates skull bone) disorders
  • Developmental defects such as defective enamel and dentin formation, which is less resistant wear and decay.
  • Severe gum infection leading to the mobility of teeth
  • Severe dental fluorosis leading to teeth discoloration and weakened teeth
  • Chronic smokers where there is severe bone loss around teeth
  • In uncontrolled diabetics with severe gum disease
  • In oral cancer patients along with teeth, the jaw bone is also reconstructed
  • Multiple carious teeth i.e. rampant caries
  • Multiple missing teeth either inbuilt by birth or acquired through teeth removal during the lifetime.
  • A combination of any of the above

Full dental reconstruction: Multidisciplinary restorative procedure:

Full dental reconstruction is a lengthy restorative procedure that requires multiple dental treatments, expert dentists, and advanced dental restorative materials. Doctors at The Dental Specialists, India execute the definitive treatment in a planned approach with the intellectual capability of previewing the treatment outcome which is a very technically challenging task for every restorative dentist. This procedure cannot be performed by a single dentist.

For a successful full dental reconstruction, a team of doctors who are specialized in various branches of dentistry is essential. At The Dental Specialists, India, we have a team of 40 well-experienced dentists with specialized skills who come together to form a core treatment team as per the patient’s requirement to provide the most effective treatment.

Understanding the process

When you walk in for your first consultation at The Dental Specialists, the dentist will examine and evaluate your dental condition. After clinical evaluation if necessary an OPG i.e. a full mouth x-ray is advised which is available inhouse thereby avoiding the need for you to visit any other diagnostic center. After evaluating the x-ray the dentist will explain the necessary treatment plan and how it can be executed. You can discuss and clear all your doubts about the future treatment plan. You will also have free access to discuss with the specialized doctors in different branches who are always available in-house at the clinic.

Sometimes the dentist may take impressions and photographs of your teeth also. Using these photographs, models, and radiographs the team of doctors will discuss and build an appropriate treatment plan to restore the function, appearance, and alignment of your teeth.

What are the procedures involved in Full dental reconstruction?

As we already discussed before full dental reconstruction is a comprehensive dental procedure with multiple dental treatments. Some of them include –

  • Dental implants for missing teeth
  • Root canal therapy for severe tooth decay
  • Crowns and bridges over the implants or root canal treated teeth
  • Simple extractions for mobile teeth and surgical extractions for impacted or grossly decayed teeth.
  • Dental veneers for discolored teeth
  • Full contour crowns for severely worn out teeth
  • Gum surgeries for severe gum disease to give a strong foundation.
  • Temporary crowns and bridges to get accustomed to the future artificial prosthesis in the oral cavity

What if all the teeth are missing in the oral cavity?

If all the teeth are missing we have to opt with dental implants for a fixed full set of permanent teeth. Dental implants can be done with a conventional technique where permanent teeth will be fixed over the implants only after three to six months of post-implant placement. The major disadvantage here is the time factor and need for some expensive surgical procedures like sinus lifts and bone augmentations, in case of insufficient bone.

Dr. Venkat Ratna Nag, a leading implantologist and the director at The Dental Specialists, India can provide you with an exceptionally simplified TTPHIL ALL TILT implant technique through which he can restore your lost smile and confidence within 48 hours.

He is specialized in placing implants using pinhole technique with minimal bleeding and postoperative pain. Many compromised conditions with minimal bone support are treated successfully and followed up to date without any postoperative complications. How is this technique different? How an immediate loading of the implant is possible?

Dr. Venkat Ratna Nag at The Dental Specialists, India, uses two-piece cortical implants that take support from basal bone but not from crestal bone as in conventional implant technique, which has a tendency to get worn away over years.

Here's an article that will help you understand the key differences between TTPHIL All Tilt Technique and Conventional Implant Technique.

How much time is required for full dental reconstruction?

With the use of highly advanced TTPHIL ALL TILT technique and two-piece cortical implants, permanent fixed teeth can be given over the implants within 48 hours in case of ideal complete teeth loss conditions at The Dental Specialists, India. And if any other treatments like a root canal, wisdom teeth removal, or any kind of gum surgeries are advised, it may take around 2 to 9 days. For sensitive patients i.e. who cannot support such lengthy procedures and who are apprehensive, a provisional prosthesis is placed initially for a couple of days. Once they get accustomed to new prostheses then we place the permanent fixed prostheses.

Cost of Full Dental Reconstruction in India

The cost of full dental reconstruction depends on various factors like

Method of implantation technique:

  • Conventional Implant and delayed loading using two-piece/three-piece crestal implants
  • TTPHIL ALL TILT technique and immediate loading using two-piece cortical implants

The number of implants used:

  • Single or multiple implants based on the number of teeth missing
  • All on Four, All on Six/Eight, TTPHIL, ALl TILT 6 for completely edentulous

Type of prostheses chosen:

  • Screw-retained crown
  • Cement retained crown
  • Removable hybrid denture

The material of crown selected:

  • Metal ceramic
  • Full ceramic
  • Zirconia


Root Canal Treatments(rotary and manual), Teeth Removal, Gum surgeries(manual and laser), etc.

An approximate estimate for full dental reconstruction:

For a full dental reconstruction of completely edentulous jaws using TTPHIL ALL TILT 6 technique:

  • Cement retained implant prosthesis INR 2,10,000-3,12000 per arch
  • Screw retained implant prosthesis INR 2,70,000-3,82,000 per arch

NOTE: The above-quoted value is an approximate estimate that varies upon the type of teeth fixing over the implants. when any root canal treatment is advised for the existing teeth, the price of a root canal may vary from INR 3,500-7000 per tooth depending on the manual or rotary method that you are opting for. Also, gum surgeries cost vary from INR 6,000 to 10,000 per quadrant depending upon manual method or a laser aided procedure.

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