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Success story of Mrs Kochhar

Mrs. Kochhar who hails from Assam, came all the way to Hyderabad at our dental office i.e. Institute for Dental Implantology, unit of THE DENTAL SPECIALISTS, HYDERABAD, INDIA with a complaint for the fixture of her upper dental Arch.

Our institute wasn’t the first clinic that she visited, but our Institute for Dental Implantology was definitely the last one. Since a Very young age Mrs. Kochhar have always been an Athlete and have won multiple awards and accolades when it came to sports and athletics which surely proves her Strong and Bold nature.


She came to Hyderabad to our institute all the way from Assam all alone in the city where she haven’t even been to before.That created an impact on our team and we had to make sure to give her the best treatment available for her condition. She have been to many dental offices including one of the most prestigious Medical institutions in India which she specifically mentioned in her testimonial, but was denied due to immense Bone loss on her maxillae, hence making it very difficult for the Dentist to place the Implant without a proper hold. She was then referred by one of the senior most Doctor in Assam to visit Dr. Venkat Ratna Nag in Hyderabad who can treat this Case.



She have an immaculate way of talking and explaining her issue when it comes to her problem, that surely eases the job of the Dentist by making him clear which area to focus and work upon. Mrs. Kochhar have been a very good patient and have been following all the instructions given by us.

She let us know that she had a full mouth implants case earlier which Failed in a period of time along with the Failed Sinus Lift and have been struggling to get it fixed.

 (OPG Before Treatment)

Dr. Venkat Nag MDS(Prosthodontist), Ph.D. (Implantologist) is one of the Prime leading Implantologist in the city of Hyderabad who have placed more than 22,000 Successful implants in the span of 15 years of Dentistry.

Dr. Venkat Nag is also a pioneer and an innovator who have invented his own technique in the field of Implantology called as the TTPHIL®-ALL TILT Protocol.

Although dental Implantology has evolved over the years with different techniques such as conventional and basal implants through immediate and delayed loading, there exists still a dilemma among modern clinicians regarding the concept of immediate implantation along with prosthetic loading.

The aim is to provide an overview of newer technique called Tall and Tilted Pin Hole Immediately Loaded implants (TTPHIL®).

This technique describes a case report of immediate loading with bicortical longer implant engaging nasal bone.

    (OPG After Treatment)

TTPHIL® concept is the newer technique combining the principles of conventional.

Basal and tilted implantology taking the best advantages from each field of dental implantology, which not only overcomes the disadvantages of axial implants but also limitations of All-on-4 concept.

Tall- Subcrestal (16mm-25mm), Tilted- Graft less (TT) implants (9 – 45°) are placed.

Tall implants considered good for Osseo integration as it provide more surface area and also engaged to the cortical bone i.e. bicortical anchorage.