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It is a branch that deals with the dental treatment for kids  and teens. The aim is to promote dental health of children and also provide educational resources to the parents.  American academy of pediatric dentistry (AAPD) recommends that the first dental visit to a child should be done within 6 months of age or by the child’s first birthday.

Children's Dentist in Hyderabad

Why the early oral check up is important?

Pediatric dentistry explains that early oral examination is important to develop a healthy relationship between the child and the dentist. It also aids in detection of any dental issue at its initial stage. Hence, the progression of the dental defect can be checked and intervened at the earliest.

Pediatric dentistry also helps in educating parents about oral health and  how  to maintain it , brushing technique , importance of fluorides  and breaking of faulty habits like thumb sucking , tongue thrust etc. which have detrimental effect on the teeth.

What is the importance of milk teeth?

The primary  teeth  plays a important role not only in chewing but also in speech development . These milk  teeth act as the guiding pillars for permanent teeth. Early loss of milk teeth cause the loss of space thus causing maleruption of permanent teeth or crowding of teeth. Hence this space has to be maintained by getting space maintainers for your child.

  • Common dental problems for kids include
  • Tooth decay
  • Habits like thumb-sucking, tongue thrusting, etc.
  • Damaged or loose teeth Sensitive teeth
  • Gum disease
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