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That Perfect Smile No Longer Distant Dream

Have you ever felt embarrassed about your imperfect teeth and most importantly your smile? Fret not, as The Dental Specialists are well-equipped with skilled Orthodontists & Prosthodontists who are adept at transforming your plain-looking smile into a radiant sparkling one.

Know More:

Do read on to see how this smile makeover or smile design is possible. Modern dentistry is now advanced enough and, we at The Dental Specialists are fortunate to take corrective measures whether it is whiter teeth, fixing crooked teeth or replacing an ugly dark filling or correcting your smile.

6 FACTS ABOUT “SMILE DESIGN” AT The Dental Specialists

1. Customized for each client

Since, A smile makeover takes into consideration your smile line and how you show your teeth while smiling.

The contour of your lip dictates the smile curvature which you should have.


In addition, your facial appearance, skin tone, hair colour, teeth characterization (colour, width, length, shape and tooth display) and gums are considered to develop an ideal smile. The Dental Specialists is mindful of each unique client’s requirement and desire to have that perfect smile.


2. Tooth Colour and Types of Fillings

Silver or metal dental fillings can be replaced with natural, tooth coloured nano-composite.

Why is it important?

Tooth colour and shading are important considerations during the evaluation of and preparation for various procedures including porcelain or zirconia veneers, crowns, bridges, composite bonding & dental implants.

3.Missing Teeth.

One or more missing teeth can negatively affect the appearance of your smile as well as affect your bite and increase your risk for tooth decay.

 Tooth replacement by Dental Implants, Bridges or Partial Dentures can be Underwent.

Therefore, Giving youthful looks and improving chewing and speech capabilities.

4. Crooked or Irregular Alignment

Crooked teeth, overlapping or gaps between teeth can be straightened and aligned through Orthodontics, improved with veneers or aligners.

What are Aligners?

These aligner trays are smooth, comfortable & virtually invisible reinforced resins/plastic that you wear over your teeth.

They gradually and gently shift your teeth into place.

You just pop in a new set of aligners approximately every two to four weeks, until your treatment is complete.

5. Harmony & Balance

Uneven, chipped and cracked teeth can be cosmetically rectified for an improved appearance.‘

6. Fuller Lips, Smile and Cheeks

An ageing look or sagging face can be improved or rejuvenated with certain procedures in the smile makeover category creating a fuller face and well-supported lips to create a younger look using least invasive procedures.

We Provide:

Whatever may be your unique need, The Dental Specialists with its in-house team of skilled Prosthodontists, Orthodontists, Endodontists, Implantologists etc., are trained to give you the smile that will light a thousand bulbs – now no longer a distant dream.

Still have questions about anything related to teeth? We’d love to talk with you. Don’t hesitate to request an appointment online, over the phone or our website to contact us