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At Dental Specialists Hospital in Banjara Hills,we take pride in delivering world-class dental care with a personal touch. Located in the heart of Banjara Hills, our state-of-the-art facility Dental Clinic is dedicated to providing comprehensive dental services to patients of all ages.

Banjara Hills Dental Clinic

Our Mission - Best Dentist in Banjara Hills

Our mission is simple: to help our patients achieve and maintain optimal oral health. We believe that a healthy smile is the cornerstone of overall well-being, and we are committed to making quality dental care accessible to our community.

Expertise and Specializations

  • As a leading dental clinic in Banjara Hills, we boast a team of highly skilled and experienced dental specialists. Our roster includes:
  • General Dentists: Our general dentists focus on routine dental care, including check-ups, cleanings, and minor restorative procedures, ensuring your smile stays healthy.
  • Orthodontists: If you're looking to straighten your teeth or correct your bite, our orthodontists can help you achieve a beautiful, well-aligned smile.
  • Oral Surgeons: For complex surgical procedures such as tooth extractions, dental implants, and jaw surgeries, our oral surgeons have the expertise to ensure your comfort and successful outcomes.
  • Periodontists: If you have gum disease or require specialized gum treatments, our periodontists are here to preserve the health of your gums and teeth.
  • Endodontists: When you're in need of root canal therapy or treatment for dental pulp issues, our endodontists provide gentle and effective care.
  • Cosmetic Dentists: Our cosmetic dentists offer a range of treatments to enhance your smile, including teeth whitening, veneers, and smile makeovers.

Other Specialized Units at the Banjara Hills hospital include :

  • Dental Laser unit.
  • Air flow and Abrasion units.
  • Ultra Sonic Scalars.
  • Light cure units- high powered- cordless curing light.

Infection Control Measures at Dental Clinic

The Dental Specialists follows ISO 9000 rules for infection control. Use of disposable gloves, Mouth masks, syringes, suction tips, drapes, gowns. Use of autoclave, hot air oven with heat sterilization. glass bead sterilizer for disinfecting hand and rotary instruments.

Use of chemical disinfectants for laboratory and non-clinical apparatus and instruments.

Schedule Your Appointment

We invite you to experience exceptional dental care at Dental Specialists Hospital on Banjara Hills Dental Clinic. Whether you need a routine check-up, are considering a cosmetic enhancement, or require specialized treatment, our team is here for you.

At Dental Specialists Hospital on Banjara Hills Dental Clinic, we take pride in delivering world-class dental care with a personal touch. Located in the heart of Banjara Hills, our state-of-the-art facility is dedicated to providing comprehensive dental services to patients of all ages.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What services does Banjara Hills Dental Clinic offer?

    Banjara Hills Dental Clinic offers a wide range of dental services, including general dentistry, orthodontics, oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry, and more. Our specialists are here to address all your dental needs.

  • Who are the specialists at Banjara Hills Dental Clinic?

    Our clinic is staffed with experienced and highly qualified dental specialists, including orthodontists, periodontists, oral surgeons, endodontists, and prosthodontists, ensuring comprehensive care for our patients.

  • Do you offer emergency dental services?

    Yes, we provide emergency dental services. If you have a dental emergency, such as a toothache, broken tooth, or injury, please contact us immediately, and we will schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

  • How can I schedule an appointment?

    You can schedule an appointment by calling our clinic at [+91 9000021174], visiting our website, or using our online booking system. Our friendly staff will assist you in finding a convenient appointment slot.

  • What can I expect during my first visit to Banjara Hills Dental Clinic?

    During your first visit, you'll undergo a comprehensive dental examination and consultation. Our specialists will discuss your dental history, concerns, and treatment options tailored to your needs.

  • What are the payment options available?

    We accept various payment methods, including cash, credit/debit cards, and digital payment options. Additionally, we offer flexible financing options for certain treatments.

Dentists at Banjara Hills Clinic

Dr. Venkat Ratna Nag

Dr. Venkat Ratna Nag

MDS Prosthodontist (Implantologist)

Dr. Sarika P

MDS Pedodontics

Dr. Sarath

Dental Surgeon
Dr. Naidu

Dr. Naidu

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
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Directions to Banjara Hills Clinic

Phone: 040 – 23022302, +91 9963511179


Office Address: 8-2-598/A/1, Road No. 10, Near Star Hospitals, Gaffar Khan Colony, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034