Nowadays almost everyone is getting their wisdom teeth removed but have you ever thought, why do we even get them in first place? You will be astonished to know that wisdom teeth were an important asset to our ancestors.

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In earlier days, our ancestors didn’t have fancy tools like knives and forks to cut the food nor they had the facilities to cook, because of that they needed to chew rough and hard foods like plants, nuts and raw meat. So they required broader jaw in which wisdom teeth grew with no difficulties. This gave more chewing power.

Nowadays, most of our food is soft, cooked and processed which does not need much of chewing leading to smaller and narrower jaws, leaving no room for wisdom teeth to grow.  

Although wisdom teeth were of great use to our ancestors, they have become a problem to our generation. Our jaws have become smaller meaning all our 32 teeth cannot fit in, causing them to grow sideways, erupt partially or get trapped inside the jawbone. Even if they grow with no issues, being far back at the mouth makes cleaning them adequately a problem.

If you are facing any of these symptoms related to wisdom teeth, we strongly recommend you to visit a dentist who will give you exact idea about what is the problem and its solution.

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