Why Choose The Dental Specialists

The Dental Specialists is one of the most reputed dental care practice in Hyderabad. Besides its world class infrastructure and highly qualified doctors, The Dental Specialists adheres to a strict quality policy of International standards as well as actively maintains a patient first philosophy in its every day operations.

15 Reasons to Choose the Dental Specialists

  1. Any time availability of experienced MDS faculty.
  2. Special Pediatric Wing for Kids and Teens.
  3. Geriatric Wing (Advanced Dental Implant center).
  4. Appointments given according to the Patient Convenience.
  5. Preference given to the patients chief complaint.
  6. Cost benefit ratio. Insurance based Fixed Prices.
  7. Patient Friendly environment &  Highly caring faculty and hospital staff.
  8. Safe Dentistry: Use of disposable gloves, Mouth masks, Syringes, Suction tips for consultation and treatment procedures. Sterilization done with Autoclave, Hot air Oven, Glass bead Sterilizer and Chemical Disinfectants for laboratory and non Critical Apparatus and Instruments.
  9. Hospital Dentistry : Hospital Dentistry: Medical Emergencies available while doing Dental treatment, Ambulance available, Centralized air conditioning, Dental Pharmacy, 24/7 x 365 Dental Emergency Services. All Laboratory Investigations done under one roof.
  10. Conscious sedation option for anxious patients.
  11. World class Infrastructure, Dental Equipments & Instruments, World’s best Dental materials, Implants and Bone grafts used for treatment procedures.
  12. Wheel Chair availability for handicapped and senior citizens.
  13. Ample Parking Space for 2/4 Wheelers.
  14. High Priority for International Patients who book appointment in prior.
  15. Sundays Open, Flexible Timings for Busy People (Celebrities/ VIP’s).


All the specialists available under one roof. All the treatments are performed by the experienced dental specialists. As most of you are aware there are 9 Specialties in Dentistry. Which are- Oral Medicine and Diagnosis, Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics, Community Dentistry, Periodontics, Oral Surgery, Prosthodontics, Pedodontics, Orthodontics and Oral Pathology. In the Dental Specialists every treatment is performed by the respective specialists.

A major component of quality of health care is patient satisfaction. Patient expectations of care and attitudes greatly contribute to satisfaction. “. We have our own unique ways to meeting the patients expectation. Patient satisfaction; patients place great value on the surgeon-patient interaction which include post treatment care of the patient and listening to their complaints, if any. During an hospital stay, how often do doctors explain things in a way you can understand?

The Dental Specialists is one of the pioneers to start the concept of Emergency Dental Services in Hyderabad for 24/7/365days.

The Dental Specialists team will check you first and allot the case to the right Dental Specialist.We have one of the best Oral and Maxillofacial team in Hyderabad to attend any accident cases immediately. We have the best equipment and Infrastructure at both the branches (Ameerpet and Banjara Hills) to take care of any type of Medical -Dental Emergency.
Need any assistance: 09963511139. Alternate Nos: 09177671117, 04023350991