Where can I get reliable reviews on dental clinics?

dental clinic reviews

Looking for reviews on dental clinics is probably the first thing anyone does today before contacting a dentist or a clinic. When you are looking for a dental clinic or a dentist, it is a critical service that can have an immense impact on you, hence it becomes a default choice to look for reviews for your dental clinic before you connect with them and we strongly recommend you do.

However, while you are doing your research for the most recommended dental clinic, you need to be aware of some of the pitfalls.

While there are multiple platforms that offer dental clinic reviews, the question though remains, which of these reviews are actually reliable? You can find dental clinic reviews on Google, Facebook, Mouthshut, Practo, WhatClinic and several other websites. Unfortunately, the hard reality is that in some cases businesses try to game the rating and reviews system and all the reviews you see for a dental clinic might not be authentic and reliable.

So, how do you know which of these dental clinic reviews are authentic?

Here are a few pointers that will help you understand the reliability of a highly recommended dental clinic.

  1. Look for reviews for a dental clinic across platforms: If a dental clinic is really good and well recommended, you will notice they have good ratings across platforms.
  2. Facebook Reviews: This is probably one of the best places to find reliable reviews for dental clinics because when a review is posted on Facebook it is linked to the person’s profile. While looking at the reviews, check a few profiles of the reviewers at random, which should tell you if those profiles are genuine or just fake profiles set up to add reviews for the dental clinic
  3. Practo and WhatClinic: These are great places for dental clinic reviews. Both these platforms verify the reviews, hence it becomes a great place to find recommended dental clinics.
  4. The Number of Reviews: Don’t just look at the ratings but also look at the overall number of reviews. A dental clinic with a rating of 4.5 from 250 reviews, is definitely more reliable compared to a dental clinic with a rating of 5 from 20 reviews.
  5. Read the reviews: If you read 10 reviews of a dental clinic and all 10 of them are vague and/or one-liners, be suspicious. Typically authentic patients will talk about their treatment experience, sometimes mention the names of individual dentists or staff they interacted with, talk about treatment process etc. rather than just saying “great dentists”.
  6. Review from your peers: While going through review websites look for reviews from patients who had similar treatment needs as yours or if you belong to a specific segment, for example, if you are an international patient travelling to India for dental treatment, try to find reviews of your dental clinic from other international patients. If you are not able to find reviews from other patients with similar needs/ groups, you can also reach out to the dental clinic and specifically ask for such references. Most good clinics will have references for different types of treatment/patients.

    The Dental Specialists Reviews

    Review Platform Ratings No. of Reviews Link
    Facebook 4.9/5 343 Facebook Reviews
    Google 4.9/5 1068 Google Reviews
    Whatclinic 4.5/5 (Whatclinic Service Score)
    99% – Average Satisfaction 
    Service Score from 840 users
    Satisfaction score from 70 Verified users
    Whatclinic Reviews
    – Banjara Hills 5.0/5 2779 The Dental Specialists Banjara Hills Reviews
    – Kondapur 5.0/5 904 The Dental Specialists Kondapur Reviews
    Just Dial 4.8/5 922 JustDial Reviews
    Mouth Shut 4.4/5
    90% Recommended
    1134 Mouthshut Reviews


    While going through reviews on dental clinics is a great way to identify the truly recommended dental clinics, consider that this is online research and nothing can beat an in-person interaction. When in doubt connect with the dental clinic, ask them some basic questions and see how they respond. A good dental clinic will treat every patient query with equal importance, even if it is a pre-treatment enquiry.

    Here at The Dental Specialists, we strive to give our patients the best treatment and an absolutely stress-free, comfortable experience from their very first contact with our team till they walk out of the door with a happy smile and that has kept all our reviews soaring. We strongly encourage you to look for reviews on dental clinics before you start your treatment and for us, we are always happy to answer any of your questions.

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