WHAT ARE DENTAL IMPLANTS?? TTPHIL IMPLANTS : An alternative finest way to regenerate your lost smiles.

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants replace root portions of missing or extracted teeth. Sometimes we don’t have teeth, or our teeth are so bad that we cannot chew, nor even smile for that matter. These need removal. And dental implants create artificial substitutes for missing teeth using the most natural and effective technique, called TTPHIL, innovated by Dr Venkat Ratna Nag, director of The Dental Specialists and Institute for Dental Implantology. 

TTPHIL implants support artificially manufactured crowns that feel, look, and function just like your own teeth!

Advantages of TTPHIL implants:

Convenient, comfortable and biocompatible

Restoration of your natural smile and function

Protection and preservation of existing bone and teeth 

Anyone, young or old, can get TTPHIL implants, including medically compromised patients, diabetics, smokers!

Immediate loading in just a few hours!

How do TTPHIL implants replace one missing tooth?

The procedure is so simple and painless that you won’t even know or feel that it’s been completed! It’s so fast and precise!

You may ask how is that possible, yes, it’s possible using our latest digital technology like 3D scans, Stereolithographic models and surgical guides! TTPHIL is the latest in Implantology!

Utilizing the most modern technology, the implants are just drilled into the bone, in just a few minutes! Abutments are fixed, and crowns are manufactured in our 24- hour  state of the art Dental laboratory. These crowns are then fixed on the abutments using screws. Ideally, TTPHIL is a two step procedure, where you will

Get the implant and abutment on day one, and 

Get the crown fixed on day two…It’s that simple!!!

How are multiple teeth replaced, using TTPHIL?

Multiple missing teeth do not require as many implants. Based on the principle of crown and bridge, two or more implants are placed in the same way like mentioned above, and bridges are fixed on the supporting implants. Bridges have three or more crowns fixed on two or more implants. Reduction in the number of implants used will be 

Cost effective, easier approach for both you and your dentist

Less trauma, less bleeding

Faster healing, longer life

Convenient, comfortable and perfectly safe.

How is TTPHIL used to replace completely teethless jaws?

TTPHIL system is very favourable for complete jaw rehabilitation. This stands true especially if your bone standards are poor. The very fact that TTPHIL avoids bone grafts, sinus lift operations and other traumatic, cumbersome, expensive, time taking procedures proves the effectiveness of the technique!

Six implants are placed in each jaw, making a total of 12 implants. This is followed by fixing abutments and measurements are made digitally. After a few days you will receive crowns in the form of bridges where the crowns are attached to one another. These bridges are then fixed on the implants. Usually 14 teeth in each jaw, a total of 28 crowns are fixed. 

TTPHIL implants have lifetime warranty!

Crowns have 10 to 20 years warranty!!

More interestingly, The Dental Specialists offers complementary review and maintenance visits!!!

TTPHIL are far superior to conventional implants

TTPHIL implants don’t recommend grafting

TTPHIL system is very simple, unlike single piece system 

TTPHIL implants don’t perform complicated surgeries

TTPHIL implants are very economical

TTPHIL implants are immediately loaded 

Functionally and aesthetically, TTPHIL implants are undoubtedly the best!!!

You don’t have to wait for long periods of time 

You don’t have to spend hours at the Dental office

You receive maximum comfort and minimum pain

Your teeth are replaced in just hours!!!

You don’t need unnecessary procedures!

It’s very budget friendly!!!

There sometimes will be certain limitations based on your bone quality and your implantologist will suggest the best possible treatment plan for you. Infrequently you may have to wait for a few weeks or months before receiving your permanent crowns, but that’s for the best outcome. You will be given provisional teeth during that period of waiting. 

Every individual has different needs and conditions. Based on these, treatments are customized and are not to be considered generalized. 

Why wait for the tooth fairy, when it’s right in front of you? 

TTPHIL is the most advanced, and the most simple, fastest, economical, flapless, graftless, immediate solution for your missing teeth!!! 

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