TTPHIL Technique – Permanent Teeth in 2-9 Days

TTPHIL technique is on of the most modern Dental implant technologies, often preferred for patients looking for quicker results or patients with heart conditions, diabetics and other medical complexities. Contact us with your specific questions.

Permanent Teeth in 2-9 Days : TTPHIL™ Technique

Dental implantation procedure is the best treatment option among those for replacement of teeth. But conventional Dental Implant Procedure’s biggest disadvantage is the waiting duration after placement of implant (between 3 months-12 months) depending on case to case. Patients undergoing these conventional procedures have to wait for a very long time before they can enjoy the benefits of Smiling, improved Esthetics, Speech and Chewing.

We at Advanced Dental Implant Centre, The Dental Specialists follow our unique technique called Tall and Tilted Pin Hole Immediate Loading ( TTPHIL) Technique and give permanent teeth in 2-9 days. TTPHIL- ALL TILT™ Technique is innovative and is more reliable than traditional implant surgical techniques. The main concept behind this technique is that we place long and wide diameter implants where we take bi-cortical support (Basal Implantology) of the bone. The All on 6 and All on 4 technique is also based on this concept. The main difference between our technique and the other techniques is that we use surgical and radiographic measurement guide stents to do a flap-less and keyhole surgery. Moreover it is immediate loading. We give the teeth immediately after the surgery. We have our well trained In House technician team who fabricate the teeth immediately after the surgery. If you have your old Dentures we convert them to fixed dentures. That means you step into our clinic with your flippers or Dentures and Step out with a smile with fixed teeth.

Sometimes if the bone is not having good density or available bone is not adequate we wait till the bone forms around the implant and then load the implants.

With the latest technology and innovative technique, we are able to treat 90% of the cases within nine days. TTPHIL ALL TILT™ technique does not need any bone grafting or sinus augmentation Surgery. By avoiding these bone augmentation and sinus grafting procedures, the patients get fixed teeth faster and at affordable costs.

The Procedure

The procedure followed at The Dental Specialists is Tall and Tilted Pin Hole Immediate Loading Technique(TTPHIL) Permanent teeth in 9 days. TTPHIL ALL TILT ™ Technique is used for single tooth missing, multiple teeth missing and all teeth missing.

all tilt 8 implants


Time factor in ideal situations:

Single tooth missing : 2 Days

Multiple tooth missing (Less than5 teeth) : 3 Days

All teeth missing (Upper/lower/ Both Arches) : 9 Days

DAY 1: Clinical and radiographic assessment is done. Study models are taken. Final treatment planning is done at the end of the day. Surgical guides are fabricated utilizing the CBCT data.

DAY 2: Implant surgery is done using Tall and Tilted Pin Hole Immediate Loading Technique*(TTPHIL). We are very much confident on our technique and hence we give a Life time Warranty on the Dental Implants we place at our dental implant centre. We have documented more than 4000 Dental Implants done by our team of Implantologists at our centres and training institutes.

Day 3: Follow up is done and Temporary teeth made with acrylic are prepared and fit as a stop gap measure. We don’t place permanent teeth on 3rd day. Even though we do Pinhole Technique (Key Hole, Flap Less Surgery), we wait for at least 7 days for complete healing of the gums.

Day 4-7: Free time. We arrange a holiday trip for you. If you wish to go out for a tour, our team will arrange a taxi or book flight tickets for you at the best prices.

Day 8: Permanent impressions made and sent to our Dental Laboratory. Our laboratory technicians are well trained and quick in processing the teeth. All Ceramic restorations are fabricated and done in our laboratory.

Day 9: Permanent ceramic teeth are fixed with a special adhesive cement.

We wait for a week at least after the surgery for placement of the ceramic teeth so that the gums heal well and there is no gap formed between the fabricated ceramic teeth and the healed gums.

We arrange pickup from the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport and also book affordable and safe hotels which are at walk able distances from our Dental Hospital.

The Implantologist team at The Dental Specialists is made up of highly experienced Implantologists who are M.D.S & are all awarded Fellow and Diplomats of The International Congress of Oral Implantologists (USA).

We give Life time Warranty on the Dental Implants we place.

No stitches given, Minimal Blood loss and post operative pain.

*Please Note: Patients with lower pain thresh hold, very anxious and sensitive have an added advantage with this technique as it is minimal invasive, it is accepted by dental phobic clients also.

When additional treatments like Flap surgery, Root canal therapy, Surgical extractions have to be done along with the Dental Implants, clients might have to plan their stay little longer.

The Panaromic X-rays given below shows the various cases treated at THE DENTAL SPECIALISTS, Advanced Dental Implant Centre. Dr. Venkat and his team treated so many cases which other dentists couldn’t do. We have all the solutions from Single tooth missing to All teeth missing. These panaromic xrays can be clicked to view the case reports. Each case report is explained in detail. You also may fall into a similar case.  Click the Pano to know in detail..

6 all tilt multiple tt phil.png Picture7 single tttphil

TTPHIL™ Technique Permanent Teeth in 3 Days Conventional Technique.
Number of visits Single 2 day visit to Hyderabad, India. PFM Ceramic or Zirconia with screw access holes. Flapless 3D surgical stent used. Single 3 day visit. Not always. First visit with metal acrylic teeth and later ceramic or Zirconia after 3 to 6 months. 2 visits. First visit for taking CT to prepare surgical guide. 2nd visit after 4 to 6 weeks for permanent teeth.
Cost of implant procedure Affordable dental implant procedure. Customised CAD CAM designed screw access abutments and Zirconia or CAD CAM PFM crowns. Abutments come with implants. Cheap because its acrylic or cemented bridge Expensive because of CT scan and surgical guide preparation and multiple visits.
Type of prosthesis Ceramic or Zirconia. Lab prepares in 2 days with CAD-CAM technology. Precise dental crown and bridges fabricated. Mostly Acrylic sometimes Ceramic or zirconia. No CAD CAM abutments possible. Hence esthetics compromised Acrylic/plastic- After 3 months replaced with Ceramic or Zirconia
Type of implants Active design implants with combination of basal and pterygoid for immediate loading, no screw loosening because of Q-lock Morse connection(aircraft technology) Combination of Single piece Implants, Basal Implants and Pterygoid Implants are used. No screw loosening and no crestal bone loss. Screw based implants used. Screw loosening is a problem
Temporary crown CAD CAM Temporaries are given on day of implant placement. Given on day of implant placement Only manually possible because of direct impressions. Given on day of implant placement. Only manually done.
Permanent crown Given on the 2nd day Given on 3rd day Given after 2-3 months
Surgical technique Done with surgical template. Hence more precise. Tall and Tilted implants increasing the surface area for better osseo integration. Thin and narrow implants , Surface area of implants very less compared to TTPHIL Active design implants. Non Active design
Implants used Active (Germany or Sweeden) Switzerland Yes
FDA approval Yes No Yes
Screw loosening No because of Q lock Morse connection abutments used. No because implant comes with abutment Yes. Chances are there.
Bone grafting No because Tall and Tilted implants are used to bypass sinus walls or nerves. No. Small implants are used. Longevity questionable? Bone grafting done
Cantilevers No because Tilted implants and Pterygoid implants are placed. No. No- Sinus Lifting is done but waiting time for 3 to 6 months
Relative risk of failure No risk, lifetime warranty ( more than 4000 implants are placed for immediate loading) Smaller implants used hence less chance of integration Smaller implants are placed. Waiting period for 3 to 6 months

Lifetime warranty on the Dental Implants
Advanced Dental implant center offer a Lifetime Warranty on all dental implants. From single tooth implants to full mouth restoration, we will adjust, repair or replace any implant for the life of the patient. The success rate of dental implants at our center is over 99%. Read more..

Very Happy With The Dental Implants

I am very happy with the implants done by Dr.Venkat and his team. My treatment was done under ABS Scheme - Arogyabhadrata- ACP Bhaskar Rao

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A dental hospital I trust

First met Dr. Venkat 5 years back for a flap surgery, the surgery was totally painless and the cheerful, soft spoken yet confident nature of the doctor is a big relief for the patients. I continue to rely on The Dental Specialists Hospital even today and have been referring all my friends & relatives. Thank you !- Mr. Greg Olson, NY, USA

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Dental Implant well done

Had approached Dr.Venkat almost 5 years back and had undergone flap surgery and implants. The Doctor is very cheerful, so the entire procedure was not painful at all. I have been continuing my long association and at the same time referring my friends/relatives in need of dental care. I am very comfortable and confident after undergoing the procedures and feel that I am lucky to be under care of 'The Dental Specialists'. I recommend one & all this place as the charges are very reasonable and you get the best treatment .I wish the Team of 'The Dental Specialists, all the very best.. Thank you- Satrughna Sharma

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Fantastic work from a dental artist

Dr. Venkat and his dental team carried out all the necessary procedures in a very professional manner within the ten day period on a hygienically up to date clinical environment. One thing I noticed during my time at the clinic, highly appreciated and grateful for that when I stand in front of a mirror now, was the time spent by Dr. Venkat on various fittings and adjustments to achieve his vision on how my set of teeth should look after the procedure. It felt like I am observing an artist who is completing a great art work.- Mr. Peter, Australia

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Highly professional dental treatment

The team at The Dental Specialists are professional, confident and knowledgeable! I had some implants done and the treatment was completed in a single sitting. Amazing! Dr.Venkat has a calm and confident persona and updated with latest skill sets in his profession. Little wonder that he is invited to address industry colleagues at international forums. My experience here has been good not only in terms of the treatment I received but the way my appointments were managed. My search for a reliable dental team ends here! I would recommend The Dental Specialists to others who are looking for a reliable and professional dental clinic.- Ms. Sumedha

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Epic place for dental implants

Epic place. Had a couple of implants and fillings to do. This was highly recommended by a couple of friends.The overall treatment plan was scheduled at my convenience and the quality of treatment was awesome. Felt nothing at all during the implant or the root canal. Plus points for the stuffed monkey hanging over the patient's chair.- Mr. Akhilesh, Hyderabad

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Permanent Tooth Replacement Done Well

I am Moe Sattar, from San Jose, California. I talk to Dr. Venkat and he explained to me about the permanent tooth replacement and he did a very good job.The whole procedure was done in just 3 days.I am fully satisfied and I recommend my family and friends to his clinic. Thanks The clinic was in compliance with all the sterilization protocols and the staff was very helpful and co-operative. I felt very comfortable as the procedure was done without any hinderance .I thank all the staff as well.- Moe Satter, San Jose , CA

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Relief from Tooth Pain – Thank You

I had very bad tooth ache and was suffering with the pain from past 2weeks.I visited many other clinics but it was of no use.Finally I have approached Dr.Venkat. The way Dr.Venkat treated me was too good, am so happy with the treatment.I can say Dr.Venkat has very good hand skill n efficiency. I would recommend this clinic to every one.Thank you so much Dr.Venkat.- Chirag Gupta

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