Tooth Impaction

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Impactions are specialized extraction procedures. In this the tooth to be removed is either completely or partially embedded within the bone.

Teeth may become impacted because of adjacent teeth, dense overlying bone or a genetic abnormality which may cause any congentinally impacted teeth. Most often, the cause of impaction is inadequate arch length and space in which to erupt.

The third molars are frequently impacted because they are the last teeth to erupt in the oral cavity. Mandibular third molars are more commonly impacted than their maxillary counterparts. As a general rule, all impacted teeth must be removed.

Procedure for Tooth Impaction

  • Anesthesia to the particular area is given
  • The soft tissue flap (gingiva) is raised so that the alveolar bone is exposed.
  • Bone is reduced using a bur.
  • If required a tooth is sectioned so at to make removal of tooth easier.
  • Removal of tooth using an elevator.
  • Irrigation and debriding the area of granulation tissue.
  • Suturing the extraction site and placement of cotton/gauze in that area.