Tooth Attrition

Tooth attrition is a type of tooth wear due to grinding between the opposing tooth. It results in loss of tooth structure specially in the occlussal surfaces. Contact us with your specific questions.

Tooth attrition is a type of tooth wear due to grinding between the opposing tooth. It results in loss of tooth structure specially in the occlussal surfaces. Tooth wear is considered as the common characteristic of ageing process . Pathological tooth wear occurs due to dental or some skeletal defect at very young age. And it requires treatment. Tooth wear is a dental condition where the surface and structure of teeth are progressively reduced as a result of internal and/or external forces placed upon them.

Excessive tooth wear causes many oral health complications, including unattractive and irregular tooth levels, jagged and sharp tooth edges, tooth pain and eventual loss of the teeth altogether. As the harder, outer surface of the tooth is worn away, the softer dentin will be exposed, speeding up the process.

There are preventative and corrective treatment options for patients experiencing tooth wear
issues. Treatment will vary based on the cause of wear and when it is detected, making it
critical to work closely with your doctor to proactively treat the issue before more
damage is sustained.

Symptoms of Tooth Attrition

  • Pain and sensitivity to hot and cold.
  • Loss of occlusal surfaces are seen.
  • Yellow shiny surface appears on the tooth surface due to exposed layer of dentin.
  • Wear facets are seen on posterior teeth.
  • Deep bite is common.
  • Altered occlusion due to decreased occlusal vertical dimenjsion.
  • Pain in the temporo mandibular joint due to clenching habit or traumatic bite forces.
  • Effect on the periodontal health.

Causes of Tooth Attrition

  • Grinding habits like bruxism.
  • Deep bite.
  • Reduced overjet or reduced overlap between the teeth.
  • It could be physiologic reduction that is related with ageing process.
  • Tooth wear due to excess acid reflux.
  • If an individual continuously clenches the teeth.
  • Temporomandibular joint problem.

Treatment for Tooth Attrition

  • The habit breaking appliance is used to break the habit.
  • If patient clenches the teeth unconsciously in night its advised to wear the night guard.
  • The wear facets are refilled back to get the normal tooth structure.
  • If sensitivity is there the patient is advised to use the desensitivity tooth paste.
  • Use of fluoride varnish or adhesive agents.
  • Root canal treatment is the other alternative to treat the sensitivity.
  • Correct the etiology like deepbite or some skeletal discrepancy if there by orthodontic treatment

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