Teeth Straightening

Teeth straightening in just 2 months ! With Adult Accelerated Orthodontics or Quicker Orthodontics (Wilckodontics) it is possible at very reasonable cost. Contact us with your specific questions.

Spaces in between teeth, badly aligned and maligned teeth can be fixed with orthodontic braces. Teeth braces is the most commonly used word for orthodontic or Dentofacial Orthopedic braces. Most of the patients come to our dental hospital looking for teeth straightening. We are a specialized dental practice providing orthodontic braces for adults Viz. ceramic braces, Metallic braces & invisible braces. Having experienced full time in-house orthodontists, we are specialized in all types of Orthodontic and Dentofacial Orthopedic treatments. The Dental Specialists Dental Hospital offers the most Advanced Orthodontics. At The Dental Specialists we have new special techniques (Quicker Orthodontics (Wilckodontics) for making the treatment faster than normal. Accelerated or Quicker orthodontics ( Wilckodontics ) to ensure that we can deliver the best treatment results in the minimal time possible, making sure that the patients are most comfortable.

Fastest Teeth Straightening in India – Advanced Accelerated Orthodontics

Also known as Wilckodontics.

Wilckodontics (Quicker Orthodontics) is done by team of Periodontists and Orthodontists at The Dental Specialists. It’s a team effort ensuring faster results and outcome. We have special and advanced instruments to carry out the procedures.

Department of Orthodontics at The Dental Specialists have the best Orthodontic experts team and infrastructure. The Orthodontic team are highly experience in Quicker Orthodontics (Wilckodontics) to offer such a range of accelerated orthodontic tooth movement.

We not only do teeth straightening but also focus on the stability of the dentofacial complex. We integrate science with art and give awesome looking smiles to our patients. Calming, elegant, and professional – these are just a few of the words that could describe the waiting area at The Dental Specialists!

Decorated with tasteful and inviting furniture, the soft lights and soothing palette will will help make your visit restorative for your mind, as well as your smile.

We have different types of dental braces to suit the budgets of our clients. Teeth braces cost also varies depending on the type of orthodontic braces.

Cost of Teeth Straightening in India

  • Metallic braces – lowest cost – Simple , Easy Time tested.
  • Ceramic braces – costlier than metal braces , More esthetic and tooth colored.
  • Invisible Braces or Invisible aligners are the latest advance in Orthodontics. They are little expensive but no one can notice them in the mouth during your treatment.
  • Lingual Braces: The braces are kept on the inner / tongue side of the teeth. The best way to know the exact cost for your teeth braces is to visit and get cost estimates.

Accelerated Orthodontic Braces

The Dental Specialists have the team of Orthodontist along with Periodontists doing Quicker or Accelerated Wilckodontics treatment which will shorten the treatment time for the best outcome. This treatment is a time tested being practiced from past few resulting in faster movement of teeth. The teeth anomalies are corrected in half the time of the normal teeth braces treatment. It brings out quicker straightening of teeth, moving of teeth to right position and reducing the gaps between teeth. The results are very fast and very effective.

Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics / Wilckodontics

This latest treatment known as AAO (Accelerated osteogenic orthodontics/ Wilckodontics, often referred as Accelerate orthodontic treatment, is administered to get your smile as soon as possible. This is done by team of orthodontists and Periodontists specially trained in AAO/ Wilckodontics. The procedure also known as Periodontically Accelerated Orthodontics, involves a preliminary periodontal procedure to prepare the jaw bone for desired quicker movement of teeth and also may involve trimming width of teeth if needed, to correct crowding of teeth. This treatment is given in case of malocclusion and mal-aligned teeth due to wider spaces between teeth, rotated teeth and improper position of front and back teeth.

Teeth Straightening in 2 Months

The advantages of this Accelerated Orthodontics are many fold. It works efficiently with normal braces. Need for extraction of crowded teeth as in case of traditional treatment is also reduced. The correction is quicker as you beautify your smile in lesser time and with greater comfort. The desired results are obtained in hardly 3- 8 months depending upon the magnitude of the malocclusion.

Why The Dental Specialists for Orthodontic Braces

The Dental Specialists has the best trained and experienced Periodontists with the Orthodontists working In- House to give the best outcome. It’s a noninvasive, acceleration in orthodontic tooth movement.

  • In House Orthodontists team
  • In House Periodontist team
  • Advanced Laser therapy
  • All in one place- Diagnostics and X-rays
  • All under one roof
  • Any time Service
  • Can choose your appointments at your convenience
  • Special treatment packages

For further details please do feel free to send an online enquiry or contact us at The Dental Specialists @ 04023350991/ 9959448800 or Email dentalspecialistsindia@gmail.com / info@thedentalspecialists.in for a consultation to find out how we can be of help to your problem.