Single Visit Root Canal

Root Canal treatment is typically perceived as a painful, time taking procedure however, Single visit root canal treatment is a new advancement in dentistry that makes root canal pain free. Feel free to Contact us with your specific questions.

Single sitting root canal treatment is a new advance in dentistry, which has made root canal treatment absolutely painless.This Single visit Root Canal treatment is done to avoid multiple injections & visits, thus reducing the patient FEAR.This is extremely comfortable & less time consuming.

When is Single Visit Root Canal Required

  • Dental caries is moving towards the nerves of the mouth.
  • An injury has occurred in the teeth and it is at exposure to the nerve.
  • A severe sensitivity of the teeth is making it impossible for the patient to consume hot or cold liquid and even food items.
  • Acute infection with no pus accumulation in & around the tooth.
  • Non- Vital Tooth. Previous accidental traumatized history, particular front teeth .

Advantages of Single Visit Root Canal Treatment

  • Absolutely painless procedure.
  • Reducing the patient anxiety.
  • Less traumatic for the patient
  • Less time consuming.
  • Avoid multiple injections .
  • Avoid multiple visits.
  • Affordable and Cost.


Permanent Tooth Replacement Done Well

I am Moe Sattar, from San Jose, California. I talk to Dr. Venkat and he explained to me about the permanent tooth replacement and he did a very good job.The whole procedure was done in just 3 days.I am fully satisfied and I recommend my family and friends to his clinic. Thanks The clinic was in compliance with all the sterilization protocols and the staff was very helpful and co-operative. I felt very comfortable as the procedure was done without any hinderance .I thank all the staff as well.- Moe Satter, San Jose , CA

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Cost of Root Canal Treatment

There are multiple factors that affect the cost of root canal treatment in India. From the doctors conducting the procedure to the city in which the treatment is done. Read about the factors that affect the cost of root canal treatment.

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