Tubero Pterygoid Implants

Pterygoid implants are indicated for patients who do not have enough bone for regular conventional implants. The Dental Specialists is one of the First to offer Pterygoid implants in India. Contact us with your specific questions.

If you are looking for Pterygoid Implants in India you will find all the info you need on this page.For your convenience we have listed the topics below – if you still have some questions, please feel free to contact us.

Pneumatization of the sinus occurs when the teeth are extracted for a long time. 2 piece Cortical TTPHIL Implants are placed by taking support from the palate, tuberosity, and the pterygoid bone. In these kinds of cases where the sinus is pneumatized conventional grafting Implantologists will advise their patients for Indirect and Direct Sinus Lifting procedures or Bone grafting procedures for placing implants in the upper jaw molar regions.

Here at The Dental Specialists, we place Tubero Pterygoid Implants to avoid Sinus lifting and Bone Grafting and augmentation surgeries. We have been doing this for more than 13 years with more than 98% success rate.

Our director Dr. P. Venkat Ratna Nag, a key proponent of this method has published about this method in many national and international journals. We are one of the first dental hospitals in India to offer pterygoid implants. These are also referred to as Pterygoid implants or Pterygo Maxillary Implants or Tuberoid Implants.

Who Should Opt for Pterygoid Implants

Tubero pterygoid implants are indicated for patients who do not have enough bone for regular conventional implants. These implants are placed in the 2nd and 3rd molar region of the upper jaw.

How Pterygoid Implants Work

Due to their long path, the length of pterygoid implants ranges from 15 mm to 25 mm. Pterygoid implants take bicortical anchorage, due to which the axial loading is improved and posterior cantilever is eliminated.

The tuberosity of maxilla is composed of Type III and Type IV cancellous bone. The pyramidal process of palatine and pterygoid process of the sphenoid is mainly composed of dense cortical bone. Tuberopterygoid implants are placed in the Tuberosity region and then into the pterygoid plates to gain stability. The bone in the Tubero pterygoid region is cortical in nature. TTPHIL implants are placed by keyhole technique or flapless procedure ( No Incision- No Cuts)  and therefore there will be minimal bleeding.

We do not use Single piece basal Implants because of various factors. Diagnostic, Surgical, Prosthetic, Laboratory and Maintenance problems. Why not single piece basal implant?

Advantages of Pterogoid Implants

  • This Pterygoid bone never resorbs. Everyone has this native bone which can be utilized to place the implant.
  • These Pterygoid implants which we place at The Dental Specialists are 2 Piece Cortical Implants. These Implants are manufactured with the most advanced and strongest Medical Grade 5 Titanium recognized by CDESCO and have FDA clearance, Quality tested and hence there is never a breakage.
  • Implant screw loosening never happens because of the BIOLOCK connection.
  • Complete 14 teeth, 1st, and 2nd molars are replaced. Gives maximum chewing efficiency which is not possible in any other implant technique to date.
  • With Tubero-Pterygoid Implants, Sinus Lifting, Bone grafting, and Augmentation procedures can be avoided.
  • No Cantilevers are needed
  • 14 teeth can be given in the upper jaw  in the most distal part of the maxilla in full mouth rehabilitation procedures
  • Immediate functional loading can be done with Pterygoid implants
  • Due to keyhole surgery process, only minimal bleeding, and swelling

Pterygoid Implant Procedure

Your dentist will take a CT scan to determine bone density and bone volume. This TTPHIL Protocol is a Single Visit Implant process but sometimes the entire process can take 3 months for the bone to heal depending on the patient’s state of health. The scan allows us to give an option of whether to place or not to place the implants. Only after a clinical assessment, we are able to understand whether we can or cannot load the implants. But still, this graft less tilted pterygoid implant solution is much more predictable rather than choosing sinus lift or all on 4 procedures or single piece basal implants. We do not do single piece basal implants because of several disadvantages.

We follow the minimal 5-minute pterygoid implant protocol which is safer than any other protocol in the world.

The process is painless and it’s done completely flapless with a surgical guide to avoid manual errors. You should contact experienced dental surgeons to evaluate your condition before starting such a procedure.

Basal Single piece implantologists do the same procedure but with 10 to 12 implants. This might be cheaper but it is done manually and is not possible with guides. The only advantage is that they are cheap. This does not offer any surface coating and single piece implants have several serious disadvantages. We are forced to load the implants even if we are not happy with the stability.

Pterygoid Implant Case Study

Pre-operative Xray

pterygoid implant xray

This is a story of the patient whose daughter is an MDS, Prosthodontist who came all the way from Assam. The daughter insisted him to come to Hyderabad to undergo the dental implants. As she herself was a dental surgeon she took him to more than 5 clinics in Hyderabad.

Patient’s complaint: Missing teeth and unable to chew food and patient getting weaker. The patient got the opinion from several dentists and most of them suggested sinus lift and bone augmentation and grafting procedures.

At The Dental Specialists, treatment options like Zygomatic Implants  Sinus Lifts,  All on 4, Basal Single piece Implants and TTPHIL Protocol. The advantages and disadvantages of each were explained. Finally Patient insisted on the TTPHIL all tilt Protocol as there were no disadvantages of it. Sinus region was avoided by placing Tubero-pterygoid. Implants were placed on either side. 6 Implants were placed Bicortically and Immediate CAD CERAMIC teeth were given on the 3rd day.

TTPHIL Protocol recommends precise Flapless Guided Surgery.

Pterygoid with TTPHIL Guide


High Primary Stability because of the Bicortical Fixation. Keyhole surgery performed. No cuts No bleed. 

TTPHIL osseofixation- Bicortical Stabilization

No crestal bone loss. Vertical bone stability. 

ttphil implants

Are Pterygoid Implants Safe

In the hands of experienced surgeons, the pterygoid implants are completely safe. We have some of the best Implant surgeons. Dr, Venkat Nag, our Director is the Inventor of the TTPHIL Protocol and has been widely acclaimed as one of the top dental implant specialists in the world. Our multi-specialists team led by Dr.Venkat has been delivering implants with more than 98% success rate and a lifetime warranty.

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Dental Implant well done

Had approached Dr.Venkat almost 5 years back and had undergone flap surgery and implants. The Doctor is very cheerful, so the entire procedure was not painful at all. I have been continuing my long association and at the same time referring my friends/relatives in need of dental care. I am very comfortable and confident after undergoing the procedures and feel that I am lucky to be under care of 'The Dental Specialists'. I recommend one & all this place as the charges are very reasonable and you get the best treatment .I wish the Team of 'The Dental Specialists, all the very best.. Thank you- Satrughna Sharma

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Cost of Pterygoid Implant in India

Pterygoid implants cost INR 25000 to 45000 at The Dental Specialists, India whether its conventional or TTPHIL Protocol. The price of pterygoid dental implants varies from one patient to the other based on complexities and specifics. Get more details on Cost of dental implants in India and other countries.