Immediate Implants

If the implants are placed immediately when the tooth is removed the procedure is known as Immediate Dental Implant. Immediate implant has now become a significant part of implant therapy and provides timely esthetic implant restorations. Contact us with your specific questions.

If the implants are placed immediately when the tooth is removed the procedure is known as Immediate Implantation. Immediate implant has now become a significant part of implant therapy and provides timely esthetic implant restorations. In cases where bone condition and density are favorable, dental implants can now be embedded immediately after tooth extraction. Such techniques are referred to as immediate implants, one-day implants, single day implants or same-day implants.

Due to implant material, techniques, and technological developments, the completion time for conventional dental implants has now been cut short from 8 months to 2 months. Previously implants required 3-4 months of healing time for tissue integration, after allowing an adequate healing period for consolidation of the extraction socket. Together with the prosthetic treatment a patient frequently had to wait up to one year until a lost tooth was replaced.

During the last decade, treatment strategies were developed to shorten these periods. We, at the Dental Specialists, have placed more than 3000 implants in this procedure and that’s why we give a lifetime warranty on these implant procedures also.

We at The Dental Specialists, have a team of fellow and Diplomats, International Congress of Oral Implantologists, who will be doing these surgeries. Dr. P. Venkat Ratna Nag, MDS, who is an Oral and Maxillofacial Prosthodontist, is the Chief of the Advanced Dental Implant Center at The Dental Specialists. He is the Director for School of Dental Implants, which is an exclusive Dental Implant Training Institute, which was started by him in 2007. He has trained more than 100 students till date.

Indications for Immediate Dental Implants

  1. Over retained deciduous teeth and absence of permanent dentition.
  2. Vertical and horizontal fracture of roots.
  3. Grossly decayed teeth that cannot be saved through Root Canal Treatment (RCT) and Post and Core treatment.
  4. Periodontally weakened tooth ( Lot of gum loss or Bone Support).
  5. Endodontic failures ( Failed Root canal Treated Teeth).
  6. Aesthetically poor and needing drastic correction of position and shape (Who is not willing for Orthodontic or Smile Designing Treatment).

We, at Advanced Dental Implant Center at The Dental Specialists, follow a strict protocol for Diagnosis and Treatment Planning. After taking the diagnostic casts and required CT scans and radiographs, we clearly tell the patient about the prognosis of the treatment. We give a lifetime warranty if the bone density and the available bone of the patient are good. We may have to place bone grafts in these kinds of cases for better results.

Immediate dental implants is a procedure where we place the implant immediately after the teeth are extracted. It may not be necessary that the immediately placed implants are loaded immediately. If the implant has to be loaded with the tooth it is called the Immediate loading procedure. We judge at the time of surgery if they can be loaded immediately. There are some implantologists and some implant clinics that claim to load the implants immediately in an hour, a day, 3days, etc; which is not true in all cases. The bone differs from patient to patient and it needs to be evaluated at the time of surgery if the implants can be loaded or not. We, at The Dental Specialists, have special Instruments to assess whether the implants can be loaded immediately or not.

Advantages of Immediate Implant Procedure

  • With Single Local Anesthesia, both removal of the tooth as well as to place the implant is done in the same appointment. Reduction of Surgical Procedures, thus Time Saving.
  • The same medication is prescribed for both extractions of the tooth and implantation procedure. Low cost, Affordable implants.
  • Preservation of the Alveolar Bone and Soft tissue contours.
  • Literature shows that the amount of bone loss in the first year after tooth removal is between 2mm to 5 mm which is very significant.
  • Better aesthetics due to the preservation of soft tissue.

Immediate Loaded Implants

Immediate loaded implants are a sharp contrast to traditional dental implant treatment that involves multiple appointments with treatment extending from 3 months to 1 year:

  • Tooth extraction (wait for 3 months for implant placement).
  • Implant placement (If immediate implant, at the same time as of extraction).
  • Unloaded healing phase (6 weeks – 6 months).
  • Uncovering of implants.
  • Prosthetic phase (wait for 3-6 months for the fusion of implant in the bone).

With conventional delayed loading implants patients would have to wait for a long time from the beginning to the end of treatment. The patient needs to wear a denture until the implants get fused with the bone. Due to implant material, techniques, and technological developments, we are now able to place the implants immediately, if the patient’s conditions are favorable.

Dental Implant well done

Had approached Dr.Venkat almost 5 years back and had undergone flap surgery and implants. The Doctor is very cheerful, so the entire procedure was not painful at all. I have been continuing my long association and at the same time referring my friends/relatives in need of dental care. I am very comfortable and confident after undergoing the procedures and feel that I am lucky to be under care of 'The Dental Specialists'. I recommend one & all this place as the charges are very reasonable and you get the best treatment .I wish the Team of 'The Dental Specialists, all the very best.. Thank you- Satrughna Sharma

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Cost of Immediate Implants in India

We have put together a detailed analysis of the various factors affecting the cost of dental implants and an indicative chart of the cost of different types of dental implants in India. If you are an international patient, you can also find a comparison of the cost of implant treatment in India against various other countries.