Gum Infection

Gum abscess is a localized collection of pus within the tissues of the periodontium and is often referred to as Gum Infection. If you are suffering from Gum abscess or infections feel free to Contact us with your specific questions.

Gum abscess is a localized collection of pus within the tissues of the periodontium. Gum abscess can be seen along or periapical to the tooth. Pus can either be diffuse to cause a gum infection. The abscess periapical to the tooth indicates the cause related with dental pulp necrosis. When the decay involves the pulp and the infection spread to periodontal ligament it causes abscess formation.

The gum infections are classified according to the involved state.

  • Gingival abscess—involves only the soft gum tissue near the gum line or the interdental area.
  • Periodontal abscess—involves area along periodontal ligament.
  • Pericoronal abscess- it involves the area along the impacted wisdom tooth.

Causes of Gum Infection

  • Dental cavity involving the pulp.
  • Gum infection like gingivitis.
  • Periodontitis
  • Injury to the gingiva by forceful food enlodgement or some hard objects like toothpicks ,bristles of toothbrush.
  • Impacted tooth can cause the formation of infection or abscess.
  • Trauma to the tooth by traumatic occlusion or accidental exposure.
  • Perforation to the periodontal ligament either accidental during root canal treatment or due to extended decay.
  • Bruxism habit
  • Systemic conditions like diabetes
  • If an individual has compromised immunity.

Signs and Symptoms of Gum Infection

  • Pain in the involved area.
  • The pain is excruciating and throbbing.
  • The tissue covering the abscess appears red and shiny.
  • The swelling is obvious intraorally orcan either be extraorally effecting the facial symmetry.
  • It can also cause mobility of the tooth.
  • An individual can often have high temperature.
  • The abscess swelling can be fluctuant .
  • The pus may sometimes drain and it gives foul smell and taste in the mouth.
  • The drained pus may spread to cause space infections and lymphadenitis.

Treatment for Gum Infection

  • The first line of treatment to manage gum abscess is to do the oral prophylaxis i.e scaling or deep cleaning.
  • If dental cavity is the cause of abscess it has to be treated by root canal treatment and proper debridement.
  • Antiseptic irrigation.
  • Drainage of the abscess is mandatory if it does not subsides.
  • Relieving the traumatic bite.
  • Use of antibiotics is secondary treatment; is opted if the abscess is accompanied with fever or some space infections.
  • And if prognosis is not good the tooth has to be extracted to drain the pus.

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