Full Mouth Dental Implants

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Full mouth dental implants can be done either with a bone graft or with graft-less implant solutions.

Graft Solutions for Full Mouth Dental Implants

  • Vertical and Horizontal Bone Augmentation
  • Sinus Bone Graft- Direct and Indirect

Graft-less Solutions for Full Mouth Dental Implants

full mouth implant

Why implant placement is difficult in posterior maxilla (Upper Jaw)?

  • Takes More Time: Bone graft (6months) – Implant – 3months – Prosthetics. The whole procedure takes 9 to 12 months.
  • Multiple Surgeries: Multiple Anesthesias and Medications
  • More Investment: Bone grafts, Surgeon charges
  • More graft Rejections: Implant Rejection
  • Obliteration of functions of Maxillary Sinus: Imparting the resonance of the voice, Absorption of shocks to head, Filtration, Humidification, Warming of air, Lightening of skull, Regulating Intra nasal pressure.

This type of implant placements can fail because of the poor bone density in the upper molar region in the upper jaw. Most of the cases fail not just because of the bone quality but also because of the bone quantity. Because of the pneumatization of sinus, the bone available to place is limited and is less. Hence the dentists are forced to use shorter implants. Because shorter implants don’t have good bone-implant contact- BIC, the Osseointegration is less when compared to a larger or a taller implant. Also because of heavy loads in the molar region, any minor fault by the technician or the dentist will lead to implant failures in the upper back jaw region. Sometimes the implants fall into the sinus during the healing period. This needs an additional surgery to remove it, which could be traumatic to the patient.

To avoid such complications, we at The Dental Specialists do full mouth dental Implants with TTPHIL- ALL TILT ™ Protocol

TTPHIL- ALL TILT Concept Advantages

  • Life-changing for millions of failing dentition
  • Bicortical Basal Engagement of High mineralized Bone which is least resistant to resorption— Absorbing all the occlusal stresses – Reducing crestal Bone Loss – Osseo fixation concept
  • Immediate Function and comfort in just a few days
  • Optimal Implant Distribution- No Cantileverage effect- Best Biomechanics- Complications of Posterior cantilevers: Screw loosening, Screw fractures, Bone loss around the distal fixtures, Loss of Osseointegration
  • Fewer Implants – High Hygiene Maintenance Capability –No Bone grafting – fewer Rejections – Complete Graftless – Affordable
  • Evidence-Based Literature Orthopedics on Long Implants, Tilted Implants, Flapless Surgery, Onetime abutment concept, Splinted Screw retained Prosthesis

In most of these cases, there are no rejections but sometimes there are failures that one should expect and take the risk. In case, the implants are rejected you still have an option of the conventional flap opening invasive grafting procedures.

What is TTPHIL – ALL TILT TM Technique?

T – Tall implants measuring 16 to 57.5mm depending on the engagement of the Bicortical Basal bone support

T – Tilted implants placed at an angulation of  9 to 70 degrees ( MD or DM or BP or PB)

PH – Pin Hole – Flapless procedure

IL – Immediate Loading (Provisional Prosthesis in 2 hrs and Permanent Prosthesis in two days* in ideal cases)

Why Pterygoid Implantology

  • No bone graft is necessary. Bone density is very good in the pterygoid region. Moreover the resorption in these pterygoid plates area is very minimal.
  • Integrity of the sinus is preserved,
  • The architecture of the sinus (eg, septated sinus) is rarely a technical problem,
  • The outcome is predictably successful.
  • The anterior-posterior spread is maximized; there is no need for cantilevering.
  • The fixture is placed at an easy angle to restore.
  • There is little morbidity.
  • Tuberosity reduction or other tissueplasty can be done simultaneously.
  • Treatment time is shorter than with sinus grafting

Steps for using TTPHILTM Technique for Dental Implants

  • Patient Assessment Level- Reason for Visit, Patient Demands, Risk Assessment, Different treatment options in posterior maxilla- Implant Paradigm shifts- Graft and Graft less Solutions- History and Rationale of Pterygoid implants –Types of Pterygoid implants.
  • Diagnostic Level- CBCT, Panorama, RadioVisioGraphy, Diagnostic models Stereolithographic,
  • Pre Surgical Level – Evidence-based dentistry, Applied Anatomy, Radiographic PARP Classification, Biomechanics, Armamentarium, Implant specifications, Patient Undertaking
  • Surgical Level – Step by Step Protocol
  • Post Surgical Level – Pharmacology, Post operative Instructions
  • Prosthetic level- Screw retained – Cement Retained prosthetics
  • Maintenance level- Complications, Mistakes not to be done

Full mouth dental implant case study

Definitive Prosthesis for Full Mouth Dental Implants

  • Screw on Multi-unit Abutments Non-hex abutments. We do precise machined CAD CAM Screw retained technology to get the best passive fit. With this procedure, there will be NO SCREW LOOSENING.
  • Suitable occlusion- Group function Balanced or Lingualised occlusion is given at The Dental Specialists
  • Materials used: All prosthesis is done with only CAD-CAM. No manual processing is done at all. For precise passive screw-retained technology we have to use CAD-CAM technology only.
  • We at The Dental Specialists give different solutions to our patients based on their requirements.

1A) CAD MLS Framework – Porcelain Layering

1B) CAD MLS- Acrylic Wrap-around

1C) CAD MLS- Zirconia individual crowns

2A) Titanium Milled framework –Acrylic Wrap around

2B) Titanium Milled framework –VisualignWrap around Composite

2C) Titanium- Zirconia individual crowns

3A) PEEK framework – Zirconia individual crowns

3B) PEEK framework-   Visualign Wrap around Composite

Depending on Individuals and their requirement we need to give the prosthesis.

Different Types of Full mouth Immediate Dental Implants

Dental Implant well done

Had approached Dr.Venkat almost 5 years back and had undergone flap surgery and implants. The Doctor is very cheerful, so the entire procedure was not painful at all. I have been continuing my long association and at the same time referring my friends/relatives in need of dental care. I am very comfortable and confident after undergoing the procedures and feel that I am lucky to be under care of 'The Dental Specialists'. I recommend one & all this place as the charges are very reasonable and you get the best treatment .I wish the Team of 'The Dental Specialists, all the very best.. Thank you- Satrughna Sharma

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Cost of Full Mouth Dental Implants

Cost of Full mouth implant in India starts at around INR 5,00,000. Find out complete details about the cost of dental implants in India and also understand the factors affecting the cost of implants and a comparison of the cost of implant treatment across different countries.

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