Fluoride Stains Removal

Fluoride Stains are the most commonly seen discoloration of the tooth surfaces. Read more about treatment and removal of Fluoride stains from teeth. Contact us with your specific questions.

It is the most commonly seen discoloration of the tooth surfaces. These are the intrinsic stains caused due to excess of fluoride ingestion during the developmental stage of the teeth. Teeth effected by dental fluorosis are resistant to the dental caries comparatively.

Signs & Symptoms of Fluoride Stain

  • Visual changes occurs in the enamel.
  • Patchy appearance
  • Loss of lusture.
  • Whitish yellow to brown discolorations.

According to dean’s index the fluoride stains are classified according to the severity of signs and symptoms.
Mild : Small, opaque, paper white areas scattered over the enamel which is less than 25% of the tooth surface
Moderate : The whitish yellow patches are seen involving half of the teeth surfaces.
Severe : The stains progresses to brownish color and the tooth gives the pitted or corroded appearance.

Causes of Fluoride Stain

  • Ingestion of the fluoride rich water during developmental period of teeth.
  • Secondary causes could be prolonged usage of fluoridated mouth washes.
  • Accidental intake of excess of fluoridated tooth paste.
  • Public water fluoridation.
  • Fluoride supplements.

Treatment of Fluoride Stain

    Micro abrasion

  • Composite fillings can be done to remove the stains.
  • Veneers and crowns.

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