Dental bleaching is a very common procedure mostly done for aesthetic purposes, however, it is important you get it right. If you are looking for dental bleaching in Hyderabad, The Dental Specialists provides complete reliability. Contact us with your specific questions.

Bleaching is the most common procedure for teeth whitening. It involves the use of certain substances such as carbemide peroxide to make the teeth white.
We at the Dental Specialists, provide three types of bleaching techniques

In Office bleaching
Zoom In office Bleaching
At Home Bleaching

This is the standard bleaching procedure at the dental clinic.

  • Tooth is prepared by cleaning the tooth of any plaque and then applying pumice on it to give a smooth surface.
  • A thick Carbemide Peroxide gel is applied onto the prepared tooth surface.
  • Care is taken to protect the gums by using a Rubber Dam.
  • The gel is left for 15-30 minutes.
  • The gel is washed off and the process is repeated one more time.

The color / shade of teeth may change by two-three shades lighter as a minimum to around 8 shades as a maximum.

This bleaching is also done in dental clinics only but uses a special zoom technology.
  • A gel containing 25% Hydrogen Peroxide is used along with Zoom advanced power lamp.
  • The chair-side lamp gives out a UV light which accelerates the bleaching process.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide is applied on the teeth for 15 minutes. Light from the power lamp is focused onto the teeth. After 15 minutes the gel is washed out
  • This procedure is repeated 3 times at least. After which a sensitivity reducing fluoride paste/gel is applied to the teeth
  • To maintain the whitened teeth custom fitted whitening trays are given to the patient who may be used at home.

At Home Bleaching is the collective term given for all bleaching modalities that can be used at home. These include-

  • Dentist dispensed custom tray- These are custom made plastic trays that are flexible and are made to fit according to the patient. Bleaching gel is to be applied to the tray by the patient and worn at night. Concentration and composition of gel is decided by the dentist.
  • Whitening Strips- These are thin flexible membranes that conform according to the teeth shape. These are coated with bleaching gel and are applied on the tooth. Strips are less effective than trays since saliva contamination occurs more easily with strips
  • Brush on Whiteners- Pens and brushes can be used. These are applied on teeth after food as an alternative to trays.
  • Whitening Toothpaste
  • Whitening Floss