Tooth Care for Kids of 3 to 6 Years

Once the child has reached the age of 3 years, as previously mentioned, they will be bearing all the 20 baby teeth. During this age group, there will be no major milestones in their development of teeth. Parents will just have to take utmost care of these teeth by following the oral hygiene instructions.

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A child at this age is very active and is more prone to falls and injury. Parents should be aware of the necessary first aid care to be taken when a child falls and injures his tooth.

For this information, you can check our blog on treatment for dental trauma.

Parents should also be aware of the preventive treatments like sealant and fluoride application for teeth, which will protect the teeth from forming cavities.


Apart from the care that every parent takes, there is always a psychological development happening in par with the rest. During this age, many children are to be seen with a habit of thumb sucking. Many are not aware which age is normal for a child to suck their fingers and which is not. So, for every child, it is said to be normal until they are 1 ½ year old and anything that prolongs after this age is abnormal.

More details about habits and their ill effects and how to manage the child will be dealt with in our next upcoming blogs.

So, at this age, though the growth and development of teeth is haulted, the risk to develop a cavity is always present for every child. So, it is mandatory that every child visit a pediatric dentist every 6 months to have their teeth checked.


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