Teeth & Gum Care for a New Born Baby

Oral Care for 0 – 6 Months Baby

Being a mother is a responsibility. Baby has just arrived and you might not be aware of how to take care of their tiny little mouths. Here in this blog, we will talk about all the necessary care you need to take care of a baby’s teeth.

Gum Cleaning: Not a Difficult Task

baby-gumJust below the surface of the gums lies the baby teeth and this is why it is important to keep the gums clean. Here is a picture to show how the baby gums (known as gum pads) look before the teeth come. Cleaning the gums after every bottle or breastfeed will remove the substrate for bacteria which otherwise will start accumulating on the surface. Watch the video below to show you how the mouth is cleaned with wet gauze or a cloth.

Arrival of the First Baby Tooth

baby toothEvery mother eagerly awaits the arrival of their baby’s first tooth, it is considered a major milestone in their growth and also surely they are adorable when they innocently smile through their teeth.

And when the wait is long, they start panicking and wonder why the tooth has still not come out. Is there something they can do or are they not doing the right thing?

Before you start worrying, you should first be aware of the time for the tooth to erupt.

Emerging Tooth Brings Company

pediatric careYeah, if you are wondering what company we are talking about, it is all the trouble that comes along known as TEETHING.

The cuteness vanishes when the baby starts to get irritated due to the itching sensation caused at the time of the eruption. This itching is common and ought to happen due to the gums being stretched.

Babies try to chew on hard things at this time and slip everything into their mouth. This habit obviously leads to stomach infections and diarrhoea.

Other common symptoms associated are

  • Drooling saliva
  • Finger biting
  • Irritation
  • Refraining from eating food
  • Grumpy behavior at all times
  • Swollen or red gums

Teething Solved

Here comes the role of teethers. They are the objects designed for babies to bite on during teething. This helps to soothe themselves and also enhances the eruption of the tooth due to the stimulation of gums on biting.

baby teething

The other means could be to use vegetables such as carrot or beetroot by cooling (not ice cold) them before. They will also help relieve the pain and irritation.

Also, carefully massaging the gums in a circular motion with your finger can alleviate the pain.

If the baby is still not comfortable, please do visit a pediatric dentist to get prescription for the pain.

Teeth Needs Cleaning

Though only one tooth has erupted, it should be mandatory to incorporate brushing into the baby’s schedule.

Finger brushes are available in the market that can be used to clean your baby’s teeth. Below is a picture showing how to use them.

It is recommended not to use any toothpaste for young infants as they can swallow the paste. The other side of the finger brush can be used to scrape the debris from the tongue.


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