Dr. Maliha Fatima


  • Website : 5+ years
MDS Prosthodontist

Dr. Maliha Fatima is currently working as a full time Prosthodontist at The Dental Specialists, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. She is 5+ years experienced in rehabilitating patients with mild to extreme tooth / bone loss. She likes interacting with geriatric patients and restoring their ability to eat/chew, improve their general health in the process and restoring their smile. Her expertise includes crowns, bridges, removable complete/partial dentures, fabricated with various materials. She is also author of many articles published in international acclaimed journals like Journal Of Prosthetic Dentistry. She is experienced in a wide range of general Dental treatments and has worked in various leading dental hospitals a life member of Indian Prosthodontics Society (IPS) . Dr. Maliha Fatima is also part of the team at The Dental Specialists as a prosthodontist and content analyst due to her creative mindset.