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Dental Implants at The Dental Specialists

At The Dental Specialists, Dental implants are designed to last a lifetime. With proper attention, a restored smile can improve your confidence in forging new relationships. And perhaps better still, your new functional teeth can enrich your relationship with your food. This comprehensive dental implant care guide to caring for dental implants focuses on three […]

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The Dental Specialists Clinic and Our Team

The Dental Specialists Clinic is a multi–disciplinary dental clinic providing dental solutions for the whole family. Our team provides various services such as general dentistry, orthodontics, periodontology, pedodontics, oral maxillofacial surgeon , dental implants, and cosmetic dentistry all under one roof. We are committed to providing our patients with high quality clinical care and a […]

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FAQ’s on types of bridges after Dental Implants

Question: What are the different type of bridges after placement of the implants in full mouth rehabilitation? Answer: THESE ARE THE OPTIONS WHICH WE ARE OFFERING YOU SINCE YOU ALREADY HAVE THE IMPLANTS. Option 1A: Cement retained metal ceramic crowns( PLACING ABUTMENTS AND TAKING DIRECT IMPRESSIONS Option 1B: Cement retained metal ceramic crowns with indirect impression […]

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