15 REASONS TO CHOOSE THE DENTAL SPECIALISTS:  The Dental Specialists is a standout amongst the most reputed dental care practices in hyderabad Besides its unparalleled infrastructure and profoundly qualified special The Dental Specialists believes in and executes a fin policy of meeting with plot standards of services. They inake sure every treatment is a challenge for them, in every procedure and nechnique with modem and hance tools and technology teaches them something different each time The Dental Specialista consciously supports and adheres to a Patient l int philosophy on a daily routine  1. Prompt assistance : Immediate and prompt consultations and mooth treatment by  expert MDS faculty are assured.  2. Appointments And Consultations: Scheduling appointments based on patient’s convenience and their benefit is the policy followed religiously.  3. Treatment for the aged: Immediate Geriatric treatment facility (Advanced Dental Implant center is always ready with the best of the equipment and special assistance. 4. Pediatric care : The Dental Specialists takes an interest in Special Pediatric care  for Kids and Teens.  5. Physically impaired patients: Wheelchair availability and special assistance for the physically challenged and senior citizens is well maintained  6. Patient friendly environment: The Dental specialist’s team endeavors to create a Patient Friendly environment with extremely concerned experts and hospital staff 7. International patient assistance : The Dental Specialists gives due importance and  priority to International patients who book their appointment in prior  8. Anesthesia : Local anesthesia or sedation is provided as an option for patients to mitigate the pain during the treatment procedures  9. Safe dentistry: Use of disposable gloves, masks, and Syringes are regularly checked and maintained. Sterilization is done regularly with Autoclave, Hot air Oven, Glass bead Sterilizer and Chemical Disinfectants for laboratory and noncritical Apparatus  and Instruments in order to maintain hygiene. 10. Hospital dentistry: Medical emergency with ambulance services and Pharmacy  is  available round the clock All Lab Investigations are taken care of at the clinic based lab itself. The hospital is well furnished and has Centralized air conditioning  11. Cutting edge equipment : Leading quality of infrastructure, Dental Equipment E surgical Instruments are used at The Dental Specialists. The Dental Specialists use the best Dental Implants and Bone grafts, procure crowns and bridges based on the kind of treatment procedures they undertake for each patient  12. Cost: We provide budget friendly and easy and affordable for our patients.  Insurance assured fixed prices to make it  13. Patients feedback: Immediacy of grievance banding with regard to  Inconvenience faced by the patients. Is taken due care of 14, Weekend availability: The Dental Specialists serve a diverse range of customers including celebrities and other VIP’s from different communities. Hence, owing to the hectic schedules the patients have the hospital is open on Sundays with flexible  timings for their convenience. 15. Parking facility for vehicles There is abundant parking space is maintained for two a four wheelers.




An Endodontist is a Root Canal Therapy specialist. After 4 years of dental school the Endodontist takes 3 years of intensive speciality training.


The CROWN and the ROOT are the 2 parts of a tooth.

Crown part is visible in the mouth. The roots are surrounded 3 dimensionally by bone, under the gums.

The gums are a protective type of skin which are pink in colour that surrounds the neck of the tooth/ teeth and covers the bone.

Incisors are teeth in front jaw. Canines are adjacent to lateral incisors and Premolars. Molars are back teeth. They usually have two or three roots. Most other teeth have one root.


There are 3 parts of crown. The tooth crown has an outer layer made of a very hard substance called enamel.The inside of the tooth is made of a less hard substance called dentin. Below dentin layer is the 3rd layer called Pulp. In the root portion the pulp narrows to become a small canal called Root Canal. Every root canal ends at a tiny opening at the end of the root called Root End Opening. Usually there is one canal in each root, for example: central incisors have one root and usually they have one root canal, but sometimes some teeth have more than one. For eg: Lower molar teeth have 2 roots but 3 canals will be there.


The pulp tissue is a living tissue present in the pulp chamber and root canals.The pulp tissue contains small arteries, veins, and nerves. The veins and  arteries nourish the pulp tissue with blood supply. This blood supply helps in defense against any kind of infection of the pulp tissue. The pulp is not just the nerve. But there are nerves which form a part of this complex living Pulp tissue.


Pulp infection occurs because of bacteria. Mouth is full of bacteria because of the food particles and ither products keft out in the mouth. This bacteria invades and destroys the pulp tissue.

This pulp infection Toxins ( poisons) destroy the pulp and leak out of the root end and invade the jawbone. This jaw bone becauss of chronic infection can lead to face, neck, jaw sudden serious painful swelling.