ttphil implants placed in periodontal weakened toothIf the dental implants are inserted at the same time immediately after the tooth is removed, it is called as Immediate Implants Placement or Immediate Implantation. Previously we used to wait for 3 months after the tooth is removed. Immediate Implantation has lot more advantages than the conventional implant procedure as it avoids the bone and gum changes surrounding the tooth which is going to get removed. It is simple, pain free, convenient for the patients as it allows the surgical treatment to be completed in single visit. But in few cases where there is a pus discharge cyst or abscess or sinus completely pneumatic or severely atrophied cases especially in relation to a badly infected tooth, it is better to first remove the infected tooth and allow it to heal before the dental implants are placed.


A conventional Dental Implant procedure involves multiple visits with treatment which varies  from 3 months to 1 year: In traditional implantology after the tooth is removed, we wait for 3 months for implant placement. Later these implants are buried inside for 3 to 6 months depending on the quality of the bone of the patient,the bone and the gum waiting for the new bone to form. After waiting for 6 months these implants are reopened with the second surgical procedure and they are uncovered and exposed to the oral cavity (mouth). Now repeated visits of the healing cap followed by impressions, jig trials, temporary teeth followed by permanent crowns would again take 3 to 6  months. this repeated connections and disconnections of the prosthetic components can lead to pocket formation which can accumulate the bacteria leading to periimplantitis and other implant infections. So with the delayed loading technique which involves multiple visits , the  implant patients would have to wait for a very long long time approximately 1year from the start  to the end of treatment. Until then the patient had to wear a temporary  removable denture until the implants fuse with the new bone, till the new bone is formed.

At The Dental Specialists, we follow the unique Implant placement prodedure called Immediate Implantation by TTPHIL ® Tall and Tilted Pin Hole Immediate Loading Protocol ( ABC-DE IMPLANT PROTOCOL:  ANATOMIC GUIDED, BIOLOGIC, BIOMECHANICAL AND CONCEPT DRIVEN EVIDENCE BASED IMPLANTOLOGY (if immediate implant, at the same time as of extraction). With today’s digital technology and high improved quality and design of the implants and the unique TTPHIL® Protocol which is followed exclusively at THE DENTAL SPECIALISTS, we are able to restore the implants immediately with Permanent teeth in just 2 days.

In some cases, the patients may require additional procedures like Root Canal Treatments, Gum Flap surgeries, Curettages, Fillings, adaptation of the new teeth in the mouth can take some more time which can delay the treatments. So always be prepared and plan your visit for a week or couple of week. if its just a single or few teeth which are missing which is ideal and devoid of infections, we are sure we confidently fix your teeth in just 2 days. We recommend to see all our testimonials in our page.

3 things you need to do before taking decision for undergoing your dental treatment. Do your homework “Find out as much as you can – about their method, their facility, their people, their service, their cost, the duration,” Always plan for a long term treatment option. Avoid cement retained single piece basal implants.They may be cheaper but it becomes expensive on the long run.  Always plan for retrievable prosthesis. You are investing once for a life time. Don’t compromise and go for cheap dental implant solutions, people boasting that they place Swiss dental implants, because bone doesn’t understand where they are manufactured. You can google them the disadvantages of going with single piece dental implants. Go for high quality implants recognized by FDA and CDESCO cleared Dental Implants. Credibility “It is important to find a credible doctor and a facility to do it. It is very very important,” . Look for testimonials in various platforms. Find out them. discuss with them. We are happy to share the contacts to you. “Read as many testimonials of the place possible. More testimonials, especially from foreigners, the better. And you must know which are genuine and which are not. We stood among TOP 3 Dental hospitals by TIMES OF INDIA 2020-21 (An OMS INITIATIVE), #FAMDENT HIGHLY COMMENDED IN AND #PERIODONTISTS CATEGORY HIGHEST RATED BY #GOOGLE 1322 with 4.9 Rating, Highly recommended by #FACEBOOK DENTISTRY with 4.9 Rating more than 200 facebook recommendations #Recommendations, Ranked 2 in #GCR (GLOBAL CLINIC RATING,USA) RANKED 1 by #THREEBESTRATED #USA. Happy to share that we have treated more than 100 International patients across the world..



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