Pediatric Dentist

If you are looking for dentist for children, The Dental Specialists has one of the best teams of pediatric dentist in Hyderabad and also has specialized infrastructure to make dental treatment for children a friendly, comfortable experience. Contact us with your specific questions.

Parents and children, welcome to kids and teens dental home, THE DENTAL SPECIALISTS, Hyderabad. Our team of pediatric dentists take special measures to make each dental visit fun, kid-oriented as well as less stressful to parents. We believe that establishing a trusted relationship with children is the first and essential step for proper pediatric dental care. We ensure your child’s visit to the pediatric dentist is pleasant and amusing while ensuring that they get the right care and treatment.

At The Dental Specialists, Hyderabad, we have a team of highly trained pediatric dentists. Pediatric dentists are trained for three years after acquiring their BDS degree where there is more emphasis on child psychology, growth and development, complete oral health care for Infants and children through adolescence. Pediatric dentists are those who lay down the foundation of a healthy dentition and the permanent teeth. The characteristic feature that differentiates the Pediatric practice at The Dental Specialists is the prevention of dental diseases. They are also trained in the management of uncooperative and special children with physical and mental disabilities.

Pediatric Dental Care – Points to remember for Mom and Dad

  • Schedule your child’s first visit before 1st birthday
  • Establish a kids pediatric dentist to your child
  • Learn gum pad and teeth cleaning procedure
  • Preventing tooth cavity
  • Age wise Preventive protocol
  • Importance of the milk tooth
  • Information about habits
  • Pregnancy related information

Had approached Dr.Venkat almost 5 years back and had undergone flap surgery and implants. The Doctor is very cheerful, so the entire procedure was not painful at all. I have been continuing my long

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Kolapati Sateesh Kumar

I am Moe Sattar, from San Jose, California. I talk to Dr. Venkat and he explained to me about the permanent tooth replacement and he did a very good job.The whole procedure was done

Moe Satter

San Jose , CA

I had very bad tooth ache and was suffering with the pain from past 2weeks.I visited many other clinics but it was of no use.Finally I have approached Dr.Venkat. The way Dr.Venkat treated me

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