The Dental Specialists has one of the best teams of Endodontist specialists in Hyderabad and arguably in India. From common procedures like Root Canal treatment to complex endodontic surgeries, we assure you the best dental care. Contact us with your specific questions.

Endodontics is the branch of dentistry concerned with the study and treatment of the Dental pulp and periapical region of the tooth. The treatments in this branch are more like the last attempt at saving a tooth instead of removing them. The most common and well known Endodontic Procedure is Root Canal Treatment. Other treatments in Endodontics include Apicoectomy, Root Resection etc. We at the Dental Specialists have specially trained Endodontists who do the treatment.

Symptoms of Endodontic Treatment

  • Tooth that has pain which is throbbing in nature.
  • Swelling maybe present in the gum region and associated tooth has pain.
  • Non-Vital discolored tooth
  • Before Prosthodontic treatment in case of crown placement
  • Complicated crown root fracture.

Typical Endodontist Treatments

  • Root Canal Treatment- Most common endodontic procedure which involves removal of dental pulp and replacement with Plasticized Rubber.
  • Apicoectomy- It is the procedure where only the tip of root is removed.
  • Hemisection- It is the complete removal of un-restorable tooth root so as to preserve other parts of tooth.
  • Intentional Replantation- Replanting the tooth after traumatic loss of teeth.
  • Incision and Drainage- Making an incision in the peri apical region so as to remove the infection.
  • Trephination

Endodontists Specialists

Dr. Venkat Nag

MDS Prosthodontist (Implantologist)

Dr. Sarika P

MDS Pedodontics

Dr. Sarath

Dental Surgeon

Dr. Naidu

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Imran


Dr. Maliha Fatima

MDS Prosthodontist