Questions You Should Ask Before Getting Dental Implants in India

Most patients get apprehensive with the idea of getting a dental implant. This is due to the popular belief that getting a dental implant can be a tedious procedure and expensive. The concerns are much higher when you are getting a dental implant done in India or in any other foreign country.

Every year we get hundreds of patients across the world coming to India for getting their dental treatment done and as a specialist in dental implants, many of them come to us for implants. While there are a lot of good dental clinics in the country, dental implants require specialized skills and infrastructure. We felt it would be helpful for our patients, and more so for international patients to have a checklist on what all they should consider before they decide on getting a dental implant in India.

Common Questions to Ask Your Dental Clinic in India

  • Ask them for video / Text testimonials
  • Ask the dental clinic for any previous cases that they have done similar to yours. Ask them if they can share photographs.
  • Sometimes they might be able to share the patient details as a reference. Check on that, though it also depends on whether the patient has given them the approval to share the details. But this could be great to judge the credibility of the clinic.

Enquire if the Dentist performing the implant procedure is a licensed Implantologist

Implantology is a specialist treatment, while a general dentist might be able to pull of an implant, it is always advisable to get your implants done only with licensed implantologists.

How many years have they been doing implants and what proof do they have?

The more experience your dental implant specialist is the better. Dr.Venkat has done over 4000 implants in his career to date.

Do they use a single piece or two-piece implants and what is the big difference in the result?

A knowledgable implantologist would be able to advise you on what type of implants you need and what would be the impact in terms of treatment outcome, long term sustainability, treatment time, cost, etc.

Do they use CAD-CAM technology for immediate loading of teeth?

CAD-CAM is one of the most common technologies needed for a proper dental implant today. Besides this, a specialised dental implants clinic uses various other technologies.

What type of teeth options are available?

There are various types of teeth options available today. A knowledgable dentist would be able to advise you on what are the different types of teeth are available, there pros and cons and help you choose the right option.
– Acrylic : needs replacing every 4-7 years, so ongoing expense.
– Ceramic : lifelong material, best results.
– Zirconia : can only be used in certain circumstances.

Do they use the flapless procedure to avoid lengthy healing?

Dental implant technology today is a lot more advanced and if done right with the right technology it would not take much longer to heal. Flapless procedure helps quick recovery. Ask your implantologist about this.


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