Great smiles begin with great attention to oral care.

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics a branch of dentistry that deals with diagnosis, prevention, interception, guidance and correction of dental and skeletal irregularities.

Orthodontist is a specialist who has knowledge to consider all possibilities such as age, jaw imbalances, difference in the size of your teeth and more. They are the best person to know what to use and when to use according to your dental needs.

Orthodontic treatment is a way of straightening and moving the crooked teeth, to improve the appearance and functioning of the teeth.

There are various treatment options these days ranging from traditional metal braces, ceramic braces to clear aligners. Each has their own specific uses.  According to your need, your orthodontist will advise you the best possible option.

  Orthodontic treatment is a significant asset for your beautiful smile.


 The treatment takes time, and it depends on the complexity of the malocclusion, and varies from  person to person. Patience is the key.

 Initial discomfort, inconvenience, slight pressure and pain, inability to chew or brush efficiently, ulcers, can be expected, and following our experts suggestions will assure acclimatization to the appliances worn, especially fixed braces.

Following your orthodontist’s suggestions ensures great results!


So our team shares with you some important tips to follow, and those that you should not do in order to achieve perfection.

1) Brush properly after every meal. 1) Do not change your orthodontist, while your treatment is going on.
2) Use warm salt water/ Beta-dine rinses 2) Do not bite on hard, sticky, sugary foods.
3) Eat only soft and easily digestible foods. 3) Do not self-medicate.
4) Take lots of fluids rich in nutrients. 4) Do not ignore cavities or gum problems.
5) Visit your Orthodontist regularly without fail. 5) Do not take foods which tend to get stuck or break the brackets.
6) Get your teeth and gums cleaned every 3-4 months. 6) Avoid anything that might cause trauma to face and teeth, like sports that involves risk.
7) Get your retainers on time and maintain them well. 7) Do not postpone your retention phase of treatment.





Please remember, whatever you do, will reflect on the treatment. So always be aware of your actions and the effects they produce on your teeth. Your orthodontist cannot be held accountable for the lapses or neglect on your behalf.

An appointment delayed is treatment delayed. Do not postpone them; they are vital for completing treatment on time.

It is important to know few basic components of your appliance; you should never be careless with your appliances.

Do not forget to visit even after your treatment to evaluate your dentition every 6 months without fail, because your smile is important.

At THE DENTAL SPECIALISTS, we thrive to be your first choice for dental care. Our team has years of experience and is dedicated to provide a comfortable option for your dental needs.


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