Oral Health During Pregnancy


Hormonal changes during pregnancy have an effect on the gums that can lead to pregnancy gingivitis, which makes the gums inflamed and sensitive due to the bacteria along the gum line.

Pregnancy tumor is a painless bump on the gums which may be pink, red or purple. It does not pose a problem in most cases. Consult your dentist regarding it should you feel something similar.

Approximately 40% of women who are expecting have some form of periodontal disease.

Pregnant women with periodontal disease are seven times more likely to have a child that is born too early and too small.

X rays are usually avoided during pregnancy but in the event of an emergency, if the x ray is necessary, ask the dentist to shield your abdomen with a lead apron to protect the child from the harmful radiation.

Consume more diary products and calcium supplements during pregnancy which will ensure ample of calcium for the developing baby.

Avoid taking certain medications (antibiotics) during pregnancy as they can stain the teeth of the developing child.

Baby teeth begin to develop within three months of pregnancy, so your diet needs to be given extra significance as what you eat will affect their development.

Due to morning sickness and continual vomits, the stomach acids can enter your oral cavity and cause tooth decay. So right after the vomit, wash your mouth and rinse it with a fluoride mouthwash.

The First trimester: Inform the dentist of your pregnancy. Use a bland toothpaste to avoid morning sickness and rinse your mouth frequently.


The Second trimester: Avoid cosuming carbohydrate rich snacks no matter how much you may be craving for it.

Maintain a healthy diet consisting of plenty of Vitamin C, Vitamin B12 and Calcium.

Most dentists discourage bleaching during pregnancy though it has not been proven to be harmful to the child.


The Third trimester:

Avoid dental treatments during the last six weeks of pregnancy.

Give an especial care to your oral health by thorough  flossing and brushing throughout this period.

Schedule a dental appointment after the birth of the child.


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