Lifetime Warranty on Dental Implants

Advanced Dental Implant Center at The Dental Specialists offers a Lifetime Warranty on all dental implants. From single tooth implants to full mouth restoration, we will adjust, repair or replace any implant for the life of the patient. The success rate of dental implants at our center is over 99%. Having placed over 10,000 implants, including immediate restorations with great success, we are confident of our techniques.

We also have a dental implant school named INSTITUTE FOR DENTAL IMPLANTOLOGY (IDI, INDIA) where we train various dental graduates. Dr.Venkat Ratna Nag is a Fellow and Diplomate of International Congress of Oral Implantologists, USA(2008).  His invention, the TTPHIL technique of dental implants, is a proven technique with Finete element analysis studies and other publications in National and International Pubmed Indexed, Google Scholar, Research Gate,copernicus indexed dental journals etc,)  Dr.Venkat has conducted several workshops on TTPHIL- ALL TILT™ technique in India and abroad.
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Warranty on Dental Implants – Does it make sense?

Providing any warranty for implants or for any treatment is a wrong policy. Most expensive and reputed car companies also don’t provide a lifetime warranty and here it’s a matter of the body’s response to the implants and many other factors. Technically profits are not very high if we are calculating with a business mind as we are charging not only for implants but also for other investments utilised in providing that service including our skills enhancement, training cost, time, and other indirect expenses. Also the warranty becomes all the more untenable as the outcome is unpredictable. Any doctor, be it a dentist at The Dental Specialists or any other dental hospital in the world never works for failure, a doctor always tries for a successful outcome. Trust your doctor in full faith. The main problem is when you are coming from other parts of India or the world, you would not have service back up. This is the major risk. Its just not in Dentistry or any other medical field, Imagine automobile industry, you purchase the best Mercedes top class in Hyderabad, India, Would you get the same kind of services as you get with the showroom tied up service station in Hyderabad??

We understand that you are paying your hard-earned money to us and we promise we will not break the trust. We have served more than 500 international patients to date and our team continues to work together for success of each patient. We have been awarded TOP RATED DENTAL CLINIC BY GCR , RANK 1 THREE BEST RATED, USA, TOP 3 IN TIMES OF INDIA 2020 Recognised by Govt. of TELANGANA, Accredited as an AROGYABHADRATA, police department and many others.

Money can buy implant but not survival of the implant. Many patients like you or your loved ones might have undergone cardiac surgery or any other major surgery at a reputed hospital or with a reputed surgeon. Would you ask for a Life time warranty to the Surgeon or the hospital owner? Any doctor with ethical principles will never ever harm the patient intentionally. We at The Dental Specialists believe YOUR HAPPINESS IS OUR HAPPINESS. PATIENT DELIGHT IS OUR AIM.

Our Warranty on Dental Implants

Any dental implant can fail in any hospital due to body’s rejection. In case of any implant failure because of the body rejection, we will consider your case and retreat your case with minimum and nominal costs.

Terms & Conditions

The Guarantee will be reduced or invalidated if:

  • Oral hygiene maintenance is neglected
  • Dentists instructions are not followed
  • Naturally reducing gum tissue or bone
  • Medical conditions which may have unfavourable effects on the jaw (e.g. chemotherapy etc.)
  • Damage caused by sports or accidents
  • Payment obligations are not fulfilled

Extent of This Warranty

Please note, any dental implant can fail by any dental implantologist anywhere in the world. You need to understand that a dental implant is an artificial substitute that is placed in the jaw bone for improving the quality of life. If a dental implant done by us fails because of any factor even after following the above conditions, we will replace the implant at no additional cost to you. Kindly note, that we do not refund the cost of the dental implant, the surgical procedure, or any dental work. This warranty does not include any traveling, visa and accommodation costs. This warranty is valid only for remedial dental implant work.

LIFE TIME WARRANTY of the implants means replacement of the implant fixture by company or manufacturer as per their policies. This warranty does not include surgical charges. If implants fail then you will have to pay the surgical cost and cost of the prosthesis. Only the cost of the implant will be covered under warranty.