Kids Teeth Cleaning – Getting Rid of Plaques & Dental Cavities

Sadly, kids do not brush correctly. Brushing twice is not strictly practiced in many families. It results in chronic deposition of plaque on teeth resulting in dental problems like bleeding from gums and tooth decay and cavities. Professional cleaning your kid’s teeth periodically can help clean dental plaques and get rid of any possibilities of dental cavities and other problems. Dental plaques are often the most common problem that happens if the children don’t clean teeth properly.

What is Plaque

Dental plaque is a yellowish or tan color film that is formed over the teeth, braces and appliances placed in the oral cavity. Plaque is a sticky layer, formed of microorganisms (germs), food particles and the waste products of bacteria. Some bacteria in plaque are harmless, but some are harmful as they cause gum problems, tooth decay (cavities), and bad odour.

How Dental Plaque Forms

The plaque builds up on the teeth daily, especially around the junction of gums and teeth. It forms on teeth which can be felt by our tongue.

Types of Dental Plaque

There are 2 types, old and new plaque.

New plaque is formed in less than 12 hours. This plaque will normally build up over the course of the day or night. This can be cleaned with brushing.

Old plaque is formed of bacteria that are older than 12 hours. This plaque is stubborn, will not be removed by brushing. 

How to clean dental plaque from teeth

Dental Prophylaxis (teeth cleaning) is a procedure performed to carefully clean the child’s teeth. Prophylaxis is an essential dental treatment for stopping the formation or progression of periodontal disease and gingivitis.

It is advisable to work with experienced pediatric dentists with the right type of dental equipment in order to identify and clean the plaque.

Here, at The Dental Specialists, we not only clean the teeth for children and get rid of plaques and cavities but more importantly our pediatric dentists educate the child and parent about oral hygiene. We also demonstrate the brushing technique directly on the child, which helps maintain better dental health.

Teeth cleaning and plaque removal for kids – our process

  1. A disclosing agent is applied on teeth to distinguish the plaque and educate the kid about cleaning teeth. These disclosing agents highlight the two different type of plaque by showing as different colors.
  2. The dentist will thoroughly clean the area above the gum line with scaling tools to clean the plaque.
  3. Once all the plaque is removed then the teeth are gently polished. This will help to smooth any rough surfaces, so the food particles and bacteria don’t stick to teeth and it’s a great way to help freshen up a smile and reduces the risk of bad breath in kids.
  4. The dentist will educate about the correct brushing and flossing method for the kid depending upon the age of the kid.

Prophylaxis is recommended twice annually as a preventive measure.

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Consequences of Dental Plaque

The germs present in the plaque can cause inflammation and infection, eventually leading to

Oral malodor – you may sense the bad smell from kid’s mouth

Gingivitis – gums will become swollen, dull in color, and may bleed while brushing

Dental cavities – plaque have germs that form acids in the mouth resulting in the formation of cavities or hole in teeth.

Clean Teeth for Kids – Tips you can use

  1. Rinse mouth thoroughly with water after eating food.
  2. Brush your teeth daily twice a day – morning and night. Do not eat or drink after you have cleaned your teeth before going to bed.
  3. For kids up to 7-8 year age, brushing should be done by a parent.  
  4. One parent should always be present to supervise the brushing in kids upto 9-10 years of age.
  5. Use fluoridated toothpaste. It helps to prevent dental cavities.
  6. From 6 years of age, you can introduce your kid to adult toothpaste but under supervision. Make sure they spit it out when they have finished cleaning teeth.
  7. Children under 6 year need a special kid’s toothpaste with less concentration of fluoride.
  8. Use soft bristles toothbrush for cleaning teeth and gums.
  9. Change brush at least every 3 months.
  10. Gently clean all surfaces of teeth and gums. It should take about 2-3 minutes to clean them all. 
  11. Do flossing to clean plaque between two teeth.


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