Key Reasons For Tooth Decay And The Factors Affecting It

If you are a victim of tooth decay, you have already experienced the pain and discomfort but have you ever wondered why tooth decay happens? Are you aware that sugar and chocolates are not the only reasons for tooth decay?

In this article, we will answer some common questions about tooth decay. Before we get into the reasons for tooth decay, let’s first understand what is tooth decay.

Tooth decay is an active decomposition of the enamel layer of the tooth that happens through the action of bacteria.

What are the key reasons for tooth decay

For all those who assume and blame sweets and chocolates for cavities, here is a fact…

Food is just not the only reason for tooth decay. There are several other factors involved in the formation of a cavity like –

  • Presence of bacteria,
  • Duration of time,
  • Shape or morphology of the tooth

If you are still wondering how these factors work together to cause cavities, let me explain the tetrad of factors causing tooth decay in detail.

Tetrad of Factors for Tooth Decay & Cavities

Bacteria rely on food deposited on the tooth to survive and propagate.

Will bacteria suddenly attack the food? No. It requires time too. So when the food is deposited and left undisturbed for a long time, then the bacteria act upon it to produce an acidic substance (lactic acid) that in turn affects the tooth causing a cavity.

facotrs of tooth decay

You must be wondering why we are considering tooth as a factor for tooth decay and cavity. Yes, unfortunately, sometimes the formation of the tooth itself is defective, which increases accumulation of food and further the cycle repeats.

tooth decay

Last, food as a factor of tooth decay and cavities. With the increasing Westernisation of food consumption patterns, we consume more carbohydrates today, which are by nature sticky and fermentable by bacteria and further causing the cycle to repeat again.

So this is how all the 4 factors together act and cause cavities.

We hope this gives you a better understanding of tooth decay & cavities and helps you take better care of your tooth. If you have any other questions about tooth decay, feel free to contact us.



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