Importance of Milk Teeth & How To Take Care of Them

Every individual in their lifetime has two sets of teeth. The first set is called as Milk Teeth (also known as Baby Teeth or Primary Teeth) and the second set is known as the Permanent Teeth.

Why Do We Need to Take Care of Milk Teeth Which Are Going to Fall

A total of 20 milk teeth emerge from the gums in a child by the age of 3 years. Milk teeth, though are present temporarily act as “Natures Braces” by holding space in the jaws for the growing permanent teeth.

Baby teeth care

Badly decayed milk teeth harbour a variety of bacteria which invade the gums and eventually bone. When left unsupervised, milk teeth lose their support and fall out prematurely. Early loss of milk teeth leads to loss of space and further makes it difficult for permanent teeth to emerge into their right place. This may lead to crooked teeth.

loss of space in baby teeth

crooked baby teeth

How Milk Teeth Help in Child’s Overall Development

Speech Development
Have you ever heard a child speak with two missing front teeth? Lack of teeth during the speech development in early ages will hamper the child from pronouncing in the right way leading to lisping and other speech defects.

Hence, just like in adults, having healthy and properly aligned teeth are instrumental to form new words and speak clearly in growing kids.

perfect baby teeth

Efficient Chewing and Eating
Milk teeth are of huge significance in the general health and wellness.
As we all very well know teeth has great importance in efficiently chewing the food. If your child has pain in his or her teeth, they may only prefer to eat foods, which cause little disturbance and thereby possibly getting rid of many healthy foods from the diet.

Growth of Muscles and Jaw Bones
Chewing food with great variety in textures as mentioned above provides an opportunity to exercise the muscles of the jaws which in turn help in the proper development of jaw bones thereby accommodating the developing teeth.


Self Confidence
Healthy teeth help your child feel good and boost their self-image giving them a chance to smile with confidence.

How to Take Care of Baby Teeth at Home

  • Children should practice parent supervised oral care routine each day.
  • Infant gums should be gently wiped with a clean, damp cloth after every meal.
  • Brush your child’s teeth twice daily.
  • Limit the sugars to mealtime.
  • Avoid frequent snacking.

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