Gum Reshaping for Smile Makeover

Gum Reshaping and Contouring
A Smile makeover cannot be justified only by correcting mal-positioned teeth. What if uneven gums are seen over perfectly aligned teeth? So here we emphasize that, along with properly aligned teeth, the balanced even look of gums is also essential for the truly beautiful smile.

Gum Contouring / Gum Reshaping

The actual gum line should not be too high or too low on the teeth surface. Gums should be at an optimal level to achieve a good healthy smile. The process of reshaping / sculpting the gums to the desired level is known as gum contouring / reshaping. This is done either by adding new gum tissue or by removing excessive gum tissue. This extra gum tissue which is added to the defective area is known as “Gum Graft.”

Is gum contouring required only to improve the smile?

No, it’s not only performed for improving a smile. This is also done as a part of periodontal (severe gum infections) treatment.

  • For example in the elimination of pocket(the space between the teeth and gum), gum contouring is done. By doing so the bacterial home i.e. the pocket is removed.
  • Also it is done as a part of treatment in gum recession. Gum recession is a condition where the gum retards downwards resulting in more tooth root exposure. Due to recession further tooth decay and sensitivity problem arise. Gum recession is treated by using Gum Grafts.
  • By using some drugs and excessive brushing, the gums tend to swell and grow onto the teeth surfaces decreasing the visibility of the teeth. Here gum contouring is done by removing the excessive gum tissue which is technically known as Gingivectomy.

Note: Apart from the above reasons, this procedure is done if the person is not satisfied with the appearance of the gums during his/her smile.

How the process of gum contouring / Reshaping is done?

Initially, you should clearly discuss and explain the dentist about what you are expecting finally. Accordingly, the dentist will numb your tissues where the procedure has to be performed. Then with the help of scalpels, laser or radio-surgery the gums are reshaped to the desired level. Scalpel method is the traditional method which induces more bleeding and more irritation. Also, the time required for the treatment procedure will be more. In this advanced era, laser therapy had revolutionalised each and every field. With the aid of laser light, the gum contouring is done with minimal pain, bleeding and postoperative discomfort. The healing of tissues will also be faster as there is less irritation to the tissues. The laser light seals the gum further preventing bacterial entrapment and therefore infections.

Gum Grafts

A simple and quick surgical procedure in which healthy gum tissue is harvested from other sites of the oral cavity and is stitched back to the area where the gum is deficient. Most commonly from the roof of the oral cavity, the healthy gum tissue is retrieved. Generally done in cases of gum recession. There are many types of grafts which include connective tissue grafts, free gingival grafts and lateral grafts. The type of grafting procedure will be decided by the dentist after analyzing the existing gum condition. Here the process of removing healthy gum tissue from another site can be done using scalpel or laser. After finishing the grafting procedure, a dressing will be placed over to protect the graft from external stimuli for a week or so.

Post Procedural Care for Gum Contouring – at Home

The postoperative pain and discomfort will be minimal with laser therapy. The general care includes gentle manipulation of gums, restricting to soft and cold foods thereby avoiding hard, hot and sticky foods as the gum tissues are fragile for a period of time. In the follow-up visit, the dentist will examine for the healing and let you know when to start a normal diet. Anyways regular brushing, flossing and rinsing are mandatory.

Who will perform a Gum reshaping procedure

Any experienced Periodontist i.e. gum specialist will perform with ease and perfection. If you need a consultation, pick your phone and schedule an appointment @ TDS for your smile makeover.

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