Full Mouth Implants – Life Time Solution For Loose Dentures

full mouth dental implant

There is a continuous increase in demand for Dental implants in the latter part of this era with an increasingly elderly population, as the implants provide a fixed comfortable solution for missing teeth and also for soon to be missing teeth. Failing teeth is becoming a common problem in the elder people by affecting their chewing efficiency, appearance, speaking ability etc. Dental Implants holds the unique ability to restore normal function i.e. chewing, speaking, smile/looks, thereby altogether boosting up not only one’s self-confidence but also general health.

Full Mouth Implants: A Unique Method to Replace Missing Teeth

No more worries with your old dentures!! Drop them at your home and visit us to get a fixed permanent set of teeth within 48 hours.  In the traditional method of getting a Full Mouth Implant, it takes around three to six months to get your permanent teeth. But the waiting is over! With TTPHIL ALL TILT 6 method, a life-changing innovation in dental implantology, we are able to provide you with permanent teeth in less than 48 hours.

Full Mouth Implants – Better Option Than Your Dentures

Yes!! All those worries with your loose dentures can be overtaken by Full Mouth Fixed Implant Bridge. Using removable dentures is really a big task with many hurdles where one should strive very hard to overcome those. Though they can serve the purpose of restoring the lost smile and chewing ability, this is only a temporary one which needs many more modifications further in future to maintain the achieved result. The major drawback of these dentures is, it is a removable one, which needs special care on a daily routine. Dentures need to be removed and stored in water before sleep and should be cleaned thoroughly next morning before wearing again. Sometimes there will be a need for usage of denture adhesives to gain more fit. If it is made of cheap material there is a good chance of wrappage when it comes in contact with hot foods resulting in a loose fit. Also, there is a chance of denture breakage if it falls. Moreover, the support to the lips and cheeks will also get reduced on long-term use. Also, patients typically have a constant fear of denture dropping down / coming out when speaking and eating etc.



TTPHIL for Full Mouth Implants

Now with full mouth dental implants, we can provide a fixed permanent solution for those who are facing hurdles with their old dentures. In traditional implant technique, the permanent teeth are fixed over the implant only after three to six months, post-implant placement. Also, additional surgical procedures will be advised if sufficient bone is lacking. Such longer waiting periods and expensive add on surgical procedures are the drawbacks in traditional implantation technique. With TTPHIL ALL TILT 6, we are able to address all these problems associated with traditional implant methodology and give you a smart and bright smile, much faster and in a convenient manner.

Dental Implants Vs. Dentures

Let’s have a quick look at how dental implants are proven to be more beneficial than dentures.  


Full Mouth Implant Bridge

  • Fixed, permanent solution
  • Comfortable and enhance confidence
  • Speech and chewing ability not affected
  • One time investment with life time warranty @TDS
  • Lifetime permanent solution @TDS
  • Stable and more durable
  • No risk of bone absorption in future
  • No diet restrictions
  • preserves jaw bone
  • Jaw bone quality is preserved
  • Addition usage of adhesives not required
  • Post operative maintenance minimal with routine brushing and rinsing

Traditional Dentures

  • Removable, temporary solution
  • Unreliable with fear of falling down
  • Speech and chewing ability affected
  • Less expensive initially with add on investments later for repairs
  • A necessity for repair and relining in future
  • Unstable and unreliable
  • Evident risk of bone absorption resulting in loose dentures in future
  • Restricted to avoid hard and sticky foods
  • Thinning of jaw bone seen on long term use
  • Denture adhesives are sometimes required to maintain stability
  • To be stored in water every night before sleep


TTPHIL All Tilt 6 at The Dental Specialists, India

Waiting for three to six months can be avoided with TTPHIL All Tilt 6 technique @ The Dental Specialists, India. Many of the challenging edentulous cases with minimal bone support and medically compromised conditions are taken up and treated successfully by Dr Venkat Ratna Nag ever since 2009 when he introduced his own sophisticated, ingenious TTPHIL All Tilt 6 technique of dental implants. He always works to the utmost satisfaction of his patient in regard to function, speech, sense, speech and self-esteem. TTPHIL All Tilt 6 treatment concept has been proven to be the best in its class of solutions for full arch treatment.

TTPHIL All Tilt is the technique, where the permanent teeth are immediately fixed over the implants within 48 hours by placing six tall and tilted two-piece hybrid cortical implants using a pinhole, flapless method with minimal bleeding and postoperative pain.

dental implant techniques
Before Implant Placement and After TTPHIL All Tilt 6


How is Immediate Loading of Implants Possible

The immediate loading i.e. placing permanent teeth over implants within 48 hours with TTPHIL All Tilt 6 has been proven successful by using six tall and tilted two piece cortical hybrid implants @ The Dental Specialists, India. Two tilted front implants and four implants tilted up to 45⁰ degrees in the back jaw region are used to avoid the need of adding on expensive and time taking surgical procedures like sinus lift and nerve bypass. These implants are long (around 16-25mm) take anchorage from basal bone and cortical bone, which is highly resistant to absorption and micro-movements of implants within the bone due to which the primary stability attained by the implant is high. The good primary stability is the pre-requisite for immediate loading which is attained by using two-piece hybrid cortical implants.

Edentulous Jaws
Pre Operative Photograph Showing Completely Edentulous Jaws
After full mouth implants
Post operative Photograph with Beautifully Restored Teeth Through Implants


Advantages of TTPHIL All Tilt 6 for Full Mouth Implants

  • Need of only six implants to replace 14-16 teeth per jaw
  • Immediate loading, the permanent teeth can be loaded on the day of surgery with the help of advanced CAD CAM technology.
  • Overall treatment time taken for entire treatment is also less i.e. within 48 hours.
  • Long term solution with lifetime warranty @The Dental Specialists, India
  • Economical due to the usage of a minimal number of implants
  • Graft less solution; doesn’t require sinus lift kind of additional expensive surgical procedures
  • Increased anchorage with minimal bone volume due to tall and tilted implants
  • Implant and bone interface is more due to tall and tilted implants
  • Bicortical anchorage with two-piece hybrid cortical implants
  • Even load distribution with better distribution of implants along jaw bone
  • Improved quality of life with an enhanced smile and chewing abilities
  • Full compliment of teeth 14 to 16 teeth: Up to 2nd molar area, which will improve the chewing surfaces and occlusal table. In comparison, a short arch will provide only 10 to 12 teeth depending on case to case.


Possible Exceptions in TTPHIL for Full Mouth Implants

Ideally, Pin Hole surgeries or keyhole surgeries are Painless. All the cases are planned according to the DICOM DATA. This data is converted to STL data used for 3D Printing. Virtual planning is done based on this data. Sometimes, in 5 to 10% cases the bone levels are too less that we may have to do open flap. Some times the treatment can be prolonged because the patients have a very low pain threshold, also some procedures like root canal, impacted teeth removal, highly apprehensive patients, the treatment may go up to 9 days to 14 days. Sometimes, 5 to 10% cases, the bone is too weak that immediate loading is not possible. In those cases, we may have to wait for 8 to 12 weeks for the new bone to form.


Highly professional dental treatment

The team at The Dental Specialists are professional, confident and knowledgeable! I had some implants done and the treatment was completed in a single sitting. Amazing! Dr.Venkat has a calm and confident persona and updated with the latest skill sets in his profession. Little wonder that he is invited to address industry colleagues at international forums. My experience here has been good not only in terms of the treatment I received but the way my appointments were managed. My search for a reliable dental team ends here! I would recommend The Dental Specialists to others who are looking for a reliable and professional dental clinic.
– Ms.Sumedha

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