Tooth Friendly Food & Foods That Can Cause Tooth Decay

Healthy teeth – Healthy you.Yes! it is true that keeping teeth healthy will help you stay healthy… 

We as doctors and you as parents always insist on the child to brush twice, floss, rinse the mouth. However, the secret to healthy teeth lies in your child’s diet as well..! Food has always shown a great deal of impact on teeth-for better or for worse. This blog will help you discover the tooth-friendly food that you should include in your child’s diet and as well the food that should be avoided..!

Tooth Friendly Food

Fruits & Vegetables Containing Fiber

vegetablesChewing apples and other high-fiber containing fruits can clear the soft deposits from your teeth. Also as a benefit, fruits are full of essential vitamins and minerals.

Carrots, cucumber and other vegetables containing fiber when chewed also stimulate saliva secretion which in turn washes away the acids and food deposits naturally from the tooth surface.

Drinking Water with Fluoride

Drinking plenty of water is always recommended as it not only clears the food remnants but also the harmful bacteria. Also, fluoride present in water is an essential mineral for the health of teeth since the time of birth and it is essential in forming a stronger enamel surface which is more resistant to the acids secreted by plaque bacteria. However, optimum values of fluoride in water should be constantly kept under check. All drinking water almost contains fluoride but some bottled varieties do not.


An egg is an excellent source of vitamin D, protein and calcium, which are all important for oral health. Vitamin D is the most essential vitamin for absorbing calcium from the food consumed. This calcium will, in turn, build a stronger jaw for holding the teeth in place and maintains healthy and strong teeth.

Dairy Products

dairy-productsDairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt are all very rich in minerals like calcium and phosphorous. They also contain casein which has an important function of building a strong enamel thereby preventing cavities. Minerals like calcium and phosphorous work by neutralizing the strong acids that are produced by the plaque bacteria.

Calcium is just not needed for the teeth in their formative stages but also throughout life. When the diet contains low calcium, the body leeches calcium from teeth and bone making them weak thereby increasing the chance of cavities. Weaker bones also may leave your teeth with less support.

Green Leafy Vegetables

green-leafy-vegetablesLeafy veggies have a very high level of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin C, beta carotene, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. For example, spinach is rich in calcium. Phosphorous from these veggies get deposited into your teeth and bones thereby strengthening them.




Carbohydrates, when consumed, gets deposited on the teeth irregularities due to their sticky nature. On the other hand, chewing nuts secrete saliva thereby washing the food deposits. Almonds, peanuts and cashews, can also protect teeth by replenishing the lost minerals.

A note on Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is the one that gives your body the essential nutrients which are necessary to function properly. The following food pyramid categorizes different kinds of food which are important to maintain a healthy diet.

It is also important to understand that the number of servings when increased will increase the risk of cavities as the teeth are exposed to risk for multiple times.

What foods can cause tooth decay

Sugary Drinks

sugary-drinksAnything that is consumed in excess is always harmful and the same applies to the sugars as well. The oral germs present inherently in the mouth start to feed on these sugars and eventually convert them into acids, which further dissolves tooth enamel and causes decay. Also, carbonated soft drinks, sugar-free diet sodas, non-carbonated sports drinks are all acidic in nature which causes the same damage when consumed.

Citrus Foods and Juices

Citrus fruits are definitely a good source of Vitamin C and other nutrients. It helps in the repair of the body and plays a major role in maintaining healthy gums. However, these citrus fruits are again highly acidic and they erode tooth enamel. It is recommended that juices made of citrus fruits be diluted when consumed on a daily basis and drinking water immediately after will also help to reduce the harmful effects.

Chewy Candy

chewy-candyWe have seen that sugars cause cavities and candies are full of it. Of all, the most damaging are the ones which are sticky in nature. They have a tendency of getting embedded in the deep crevices of the tooth and harbour bacteria at a later stage. So, it is always advised to rinse with water to clean the tooth surfaces and gums. Extra chewy candies like toffees, gummy bears, jellies and caramels also stick to teeth for a long time even after rinsing and brushing. This is where sealants play a preventive role in cavity formation.

Chips, Bread and Pasta

breadsSnacks which are made from white flour are carbohydrates and we have already discussed the ill effects of these earlier in the blog. Chips not only are unhealthy but also have a tendency of adhering to the teeth and promote cavities.

Right food for healthy teeth

What you consume not only makes your body stronger and healthier, it is also playing a major role in the health of your gums and teeth. So, it is not always just consuming the right kind of food but also knowing how and when to eat them. Few tips….

  • Eating a raw vegetable at the end of your meal will secrete more saliva and also scrubs the teeth surfaces.
  • Make sure you drink water after every meal which help wash away the sugars and acids present on the teeth surfaces
  • Few foods that are good for your teeth (milk) also contain sugars. So it is important that you rinse or brush and floss afterwards.
  • Brush twice a day and also remember to visit a dentist every 6months for checkups.

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