Endodontics is the branch of dentistry concerned with the study and treatment of the Dental pulp and periapical region of the tooth.


Symptoms of Endodontic Treatment

  • Tooth that has pain which is throbbing in nature.
  • Swelling maybe present in the gum region and associated tooth has pain.
  • Non-Vital discolored tooth
  • Before Prosthodontic treatment in case of crown placement
  • Complicated crown root fracture.

Typical Endodontist Treatments

  • Root Canal Treatment- Most common endodontic procedure which involves removal of dental pulp and replacement with Plasticized Rubber.
  • Apicoectomy- It is the procedure where only the tip of root is removed.
  • Hemisection- It is the complete removal of un-restorable tooth root so as to preserve other parts of tooth.
  • Intentional Replantation- Replanting the tooth after traumatic loss of teeth.
  • Incision and Drainage- Making an incision in the peri apical region so as to remove the infection.
  • Trephination
Frequently Asked Questions

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  • When Should I See an Endodontist?

    You should see an endodontist if you experience severe tooth pain, tooth sensitivity to hot and cold, or have a dental injury that may affect the inner tooth structure.