A common misconception among patients when it comes to wisdom tooth extraction is that, the shape of their face will get altered and you might feel the same.

This is the most frequently asked question to our doctors but you will be glad to hear that changes to the shape of the face are highly unlikely.

The wisdom tooth is enclosed within the jaw bone and gums. Since the wisdom tooth is a partially or fully enclosed structure, the shape of the face is not altered. During the procedure bone structure is not disturbed and there will be no removal of muscles or fat those are responsible for the shape of your face in the process of extraction. In cases of partial or full bony impactions, a small amount of jaw bone will be removed. That bone loss is very minimal and in no way it is going to affect your facial shape.

But you might notice some temporary changes following wisdom tooth removal.

Changes may appear while recovering from wisdom tooth extraction and in weeks after. If your wisdom tooth was causing you trouble from before, your face may have already been a bit puffed up. And following procedure, you may have little bit swelling. But once the swelling goes down your face will go back looking as before.

The removal of the wisdom tooth does not impact bone as the density of the bone is more at the back of the mouth. Therefore, wisdom tooth removal doesn’t not impact your jawbone or its shape.

You might feel that your face is looking slimmer after the surgery which will be mainly because of few things such as:

The face looking thinner after the swelling goes down.

You are given a restricted diet and you intend to eat less during recovery, so weight loss usually          shows up first in the face. Your face tends to go back to normal once you go back your normal              diet.

Natural aging of the face can be confused with the removal of wisdom tooth.


Benefits of wisdom tooth extraction:

Extracting wisdom teeth can help patients relieve of pain and discomfort caused by teeth that are impacted or have fully erupted. This procedure offers many benefits to the patient such as:

 Less risk of get cavities in your back teeth, because wisdom teeth cause excessive crowding of other teeth within the mouth, making it difficult to maintain proper oral hygiene ending up getting cavities in the back molars. By extracting wisdom tooth early on, it will reduce the risk of getting cavities in hard-to-reach places.

Improved bite: During your initial examination, doctor will determine whether your wisdom teeth will affect your bite if allowed to erupt fully.

 If you have spent years to correct your smile in braces, your wisdom teeth could wreak havoc on those results later on. In order to keep your perfect smile intact, it is important to remove those pesky wisdom teeth before they become a problem.

Keeps gum healthy: Most of the times, wisdom tooth does not have enough space to erupt causing them to become fully or partially impacted. This partially impacted wisdom tooth leaves a flap of gum over it allowing bacteria to fester and cause infection. Extracting your wisdom tooth will alleviate this problem and protect your gum health.

As there are many benefits of having wisdom tooth extraction and as mentioned there might be a bit change in your face shape post removal but the swelling will go down in the following days.

            While the prospect of facial changes due to wisdom tooth extraction may seem scary, our team of experts THE DENTAL SPECIALISTS is here to help you. Our dentists will take time to speak with you about post-operative care and ensure that your risk of facial changes is as low as possible.

At THE DENTAL SPECIALISTS, we value your oral health and well-being above all else. If you have any questions or concerns regarding wisdom tooth extraction or how it may affect your facial structure, please feel free to contact us today.

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