Dr. Nilofer /

Dr. Nilofer
  • Department: Dental Surgeon
  • Specialities:
  • Degree: B. D. S.
  • Working Days: Monday to Saturday

Dr. Nilofer  is a Dental Surgeon. She  graduated from Osmania Institute of Dental Sciences. The work she does includes- Root Canal Treatment, Crown preparation, Tooth Coloured Restorations and extractions. She is also well versed in treating pediatric patients. She is currently working for The Dental Specialists Hyderabad at Banjara Hills on a full time basis. On her off days she also volunteers for Helping Hearts Foundation.

Experience & Education

Dr. Nilofer has experience in treating root canal ailments, crown preparations, extractions and tooth color restorations. She is well versed in bringing back your teeth to white color! She also loves to treat children (pediatric patients) and children to support her effortlessly during the treatment process.