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Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism Services
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Dental Tourism Services

Dental Treatment in India for International Patients

Why do thousands of International patients travel to India for their dental treatment? India is one of the most preferred destinations for dental tourism, known for world class treatment quality at very reasonable cost and an incredible opportunity to explore the colorful, mystic country.

Dental tourism, a prominent part of medical tourism is increasingly gaining traction and India attracts a major share of these patients looking for professional dental treatment with some touristic pleasure. India offers the most advanced technology for dental treatment, specifically when it comes to complex procedures like dental implants and cosmetic dentistry at a very affordable price.

At The Dental Specialists, we have served patients from over14 different countries across a wide range of dental treatments. Our dental tourism services are designed to not only offer the best dental treatment for our international patients but also we take care of the end-to-end arrangements. We understand the concerns that are associated with traveling to a different country for dental treatment and we ensure that we are always there with you every step of the way.

Patients who travel to India for dental treatment are often looking for treatment quality similar to or better than what they find in their home country at a lower cost. At The Dental Specialists, we not only have some of the best dentists in Hyderabad taking care of your ailments but also, we ensure that we have the latest technology, state of the art infrastructure, maintain impeccable hygiene standards and provide you with complete assistance, both clinical and non-clinical, to make your travel and treatment experience a memorable one.

International Patient Experience

Know About Us
It is important that you know about us – find out who we are, where we are, what services we provide, about our hospital facilities, what our patients think of us. We have tried to provide as much information as possible on the website but we are happy to answer any additional questions. This will give you the confidence to move to the next step.
Initial Discussion
Contact us through the website, if you have not done already and request an initial discussion. We will try to understand the problem and the treatment you require. We recommend you send us Intra-oral photographs after the initial discussion – this helps with better evaluation of the treatment. Here we have put together a document on how to take intra-oral photos
Time & Cost
Now that we have got a clear understanding of your treatment requirement, we will get into the details and provide you with a complete guide on how we will approach your treatment, what are the procedures involved, the time required for the treatment as well as the expected cost for the treatment. We will also share with you some of our case studies for patients who had similar problems as yours.
Confirmation, Travel & Accommodation
After this, once you confirm, we will assist you in setting up your travel plans. There are several important steps when you are travelling abroad for your treatment. You will need to get the Visa confirmation, we will help you set up your itinerary and flight details.We will also work with you in getting you the accommodation of your choice. Depending on your budget and choice, you can select from one of the following –
Hotels ( 5 Star, 4 Star, 3 star properties)
Service Appartments with kitchen
As you arrive at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad, one of our team member will be present to welcome you. He/She will take you to your hotel and help you settle in comfortably, before you come to the clinic for your treatment.During your entire stay in Hyderabad, we ensure that you get complete support for anything you need and not only to ensure the best quality treatment but the best of Indian hospitality.
During your treatment at the clinic, you will always be kept informed of the complete procedure and we will make sure that you are absolutely comfortable. We will stick to the treatment plan that was discussed with you earlier.
Departure & Travel
Once your treatment is done we will provide you with complete instruction on post-treatment care and medication as needed. Also, if you plan to tour other parts of India, we will provide you with guidance and can connect you to our travel partners who can help with the rest of your India tour.
Online Followup & Consultation
Once you are back in your country and need a follow-up, we also provide online consultation. You can book an appointment online at a scheduled time and we will have your doctor come online and provide you with the necessary consultation.
Visa, Travel & Accommodation

Visa, Travel & Accommodation

India offers various types of Visa and they are relatively hassle-free to obtain for citizens of most countries. For certain countries, you also have the provision for e-Visas that can be obtained online. For dental treatment, you can either get a tourist visa or a medical visa. You will find complete information about Visas here. Also, if you have a question, our International patients will be happy to help.
Patients coming to The Dental Specialists arrive at Hyderabad International Airport (RGIA). RGIA has been rated as one of the best airports across the world and has direct International flights from most of the major cities across the world.
If you need any help with booking your flights or coordinating your travel plans post/ pretreatment, our patient service team will be happy to provide complete guidance. From planning a trip as per your preferences to making the necessary reservations for travel and accommodation, can all be taken care of, while you get best in class dental treatment and warm Indian hospitality.
Billing & Insurance

Billing & Insurance

The Dental Specialists’ International Patient Services will help, guide and assist with financial and billing procedure and arrangements. We will also share with you and help you understand the cost of different treatment options and final treatment care even before you come to India.

There are 3 ways a patient can pay for dental treatment:

  • – International Health insurance
  • – Self Pay: You will pay for your healthcare using one of the acceptable forms of payment.
  • – Embassy-sponsored: Embassy of your country will pay for you and your family dental healthcare.

At The Dental Specialists, we accept the following payment options:

  • – Traveller’s checks
  • – Money orders
  • – Cash (in U.S. dollars or Indian Rupee INR Only)
  • – Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express, Diners card.

If you have any questions or concerns about billing and financials, please contact us.

Multi-Language Assistance

Multi-Language Assistance

At The Dental Specialists, we receive patients from across the world who are travelling to India for dental tourism and we also get patients who do not speak English. Do not worry if you don’t speak or understand English.

Most of our translators have a dental background to ensure the best communication. If you are not comfortable with the translation services provided by the initial translator we will provide an alternative option as well till you are comfortable. We have partnered with many language interpreters who are eloquent in most of the languages spoken around the world. We have served patients speaking –

– Italian
– Japanese
– Portuguese
– Russian
– Spanish
– Arabic
– Cantonese
– Croatian/Serbian
– Greek
– Turkish

Online Dentist Consultation

Online Dentist Consultation

Some of our patients prefer to have an initial online consultation about their dental problems before coming to India and there are also some other patients who would request follow up consultation after their treatment. For this, at The Dental Specialists we offer online consultation services. You can book an appointment online along with your details, our doctors will review your treatment requirement/ any details about previous treatment and then set up a time for a proper consultation.

Online Consultation for Second Opinion

We have also had cases where the patient had consulted doctors in their home country and wanted to have a second opinion before the treatment. At The Dental Specialists, we provide a second opinion from expert panel of doctors through online consultation. You can contact us for more info or request an appointment.

Things to See in Hyderabad

Things to See in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a city with a rich heritage, culture and deep historic connection. While its recent rise to fame is credited to being the hotspot of India’s IT and Software industry, with every global IT giant calling it their Indian home, there’s a lot more for the tourist to experience in the city. Right from historic monuments to amazing food and hospitality.

Our International patient team can guide you on how to explore the city, work out your itinerary and ensure you have the best touristic experience.

Here are some links that you will find useful for your Hyderabad tour plan :

– Travelling to Hyderabad – TripAdvisor
– Telengana State Tourism

Things to See in India

Things to See in India

If you are looking to club an India tour with your treatment itinerary, our team will help you plan and ensure that you are able to cover all the places you wanted to visit. India is an amazing place to travel and each state boasts its own culture, history, food, nature. From snow-clad mountains to dense forests, endless desserts to historic structures dating back to a few thousand years – you can explore it all. This could be your ideal opportunity to soak in all the colors of India, while getting a world class dental treatment.

International Patient Concierge

International Patient Concierge

To make your experience smooth we have established an International patient’s concierge desk. Your concierge will be your one point contact for all your questions and concerns from the time you initiate your first contact to the time you go back to your country after completing your treatment.

Our International Patients Talk About Their Dental Tourism Experience

Dental Tourism in India – at The Dental Specialists

The Dental Specialists is one of the most reputed dental care practices in Hyderabad. Besides its world-class infrastructure and highly qualified doctors, The Dental Specialists adheres to a strict quality policy as per International standards as well as actively maintains a patient first philosophy in its everyday operations.

Here’s a look at the key factors that make us the preferred choice for international patients travelling to India for dental tourism.

  • Extensive team of highly experienced dentists with specialization across different types of treatment including implantology, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, Maxillofacial surgeries and more.
  • World class infrastructure including cutting edge technologies comparable to the best of clinics in the USA or UK
  • Only the best quality internationally approved, CE certified (European) material is used at our clinic.
  • The highest standards of sterilization protocol are followed along with extensive use of disposables, ensures a hygienic and completely safe environment
  • Option for conscious sedation for patients with anxiety
  • In-house digital diagnostic lab for oral pathology, radiology and microbiology.
  • End to end assistance for International patients, right from planning itinerary, travel arrangements, accommodation and assistance in every step till you fly back.
  • No waiting time
  • Save Money: Cost of treatment in India is considerably lower than most countries whereas the treatment cost is comparable to the best. You will actually save money even after adding up all the travel expenses compared to the treatment cost in your home country.

Dental Implants – Our Specialty

While we treat patients across the world for a variety of dental problems, The Dental Specialists is specifically known for its expertise in Dental Implants. Our Director, Dr. Venkat Ratna Nag, is one of the world-renowned dental implant specialists. He invented the TTPHIL All Tilt Technique for dental implants which allows for immediate loading of implants, reducing the treatment time significantly over other techniques. At the Dental Specialists, we have a 99.4% success rate across all our dental implant cases and we also offer a lifetime warranty for all our dental implant treatment.

Common Dental Treatments

Every year we get hundreds of patients from US, UK, Australia, Germany, Finland,Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, UAE and various other countries across the world who come to India to a wide variety of dental treatments based on their requirements. A majority of our patients come to us when they are looking for dental implants in India – but besides implants we also see a substantial number of patients who come to us for other dental treatment to the ones listed below.

Dental Implants

  • Single Tooth Implants
  • Full Mouth Dental Implants
  • Immediate Implants
  • Zygomatic Implants
  • Basal Implants

Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Smile Makeover
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Tooth Jewellery
  • Rhinoplasty

Braces & Dentures

  • Clear Aligners / Invisalign
  • Dental Braces
  • Dental Veneers
  • Complete Dentures
  • Partial Dentures
  • Dental Bridges

Other Dental Treatments

  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Wisdom Tooth Surgery
  • Crooked / Chipped Teeth
  • Jaw Bone Surgery
  • Gum Surgery
  • Flap Surgery

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