Dental Myths Debunked

Know how to recognize the myths from the facts?

Well, we can help you debunk a few myths that are commonly believed by the people.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAtnAAAAJDExMjA1ZDc5LWRmMDQtNDg2Yi1iNzY3LWJjZWI3Y2FkNDIxYwMyth: Baby teeth don’t need to be brushed or cleaned.

Fact: Decay is possible in baby teeth leading to pain, trouble with eating and speech problems. And in addition to that, they can cause misalignment of adult teeth in the future.

Myth: Put an aspirin on an aching tooth.

Fact: Aspirin only works when consumed, and in addition to that causes acid burns to gums and lips.

Myth: Where there is more sugar intake, more decaying of teeth is seen.

Fact: How long the sugar sits on the teeth is more accountable for decay than the amount consumed, and not brushing after consuming sugary substances poses the real trouble.

Myth: If your teeth are white, they are absolutely healthy.

Fact: Dental decay and gum diseases can hide behind white teeth.

And teeth whitening is not a solution for decay.

Myth: Bad breath (Oral Malodour) is due to poor oral hygiene.

Fact: Oral Malodour can arise due to the food one consumes, certain medications and illnesses, while poor oral hygiene is just one of the many causes of it.


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