Do Dental Implantologists in India Follow Correct Potocols

There are broadly two different types of Dental Implant Procedures in India or anywhere in the world. The first one is Immediate Loading Implants (The implants are placed and teeth are given immediately on the Implants in 2 to 9 days) the other is Delayed Loading (The implants are placed and teeth are given on the implants after 3 months to 6 months).

4 most important things to keep on mind while selecting a Dental Implant Specialists

Reliability & Quick Healing: Getting an implant or implants done is often a lifetime dream for many people. Patients invest in premium implants. Comprehensive experience from over 1,000 studies and more than a million implants happening worldwide, ensures dental implantologists are able to offer reliable implants and patients can have dental implants that truly last for life. Innovative technologies and growth activating space provide for secure and quick healing of the implants and thus a predictable and shorter treatment time

2. Predictable results: Latest technologies such as computer guided implant placement provide, if desired , detailed insights of the jaw anatomy in advance thus making the treatment result predictable. Diverse implant systems and designs with different diameters, lengths and geometries offer just the right restoration for any “gap”

3. PROSTHETIC solutions is the key to dental implant success.
Exact Fit: Prosthetic precision – utilizing prefabricated as well as individually CAD/CAM-fabricated components offers custom-tailored esthetic solutions for a perfect fit the first time. Made in Germany, using technology from Israel and masterminds of Indian Scientists and Researchers, extremely strict controls for dental prosthetics ensure process reliability. The Indian dental implant specialists can ensure consistent workmanship and quality.
High-quality materials: Fully selected materials with top quality ensure optimal eability- the prerequisite for long term results. In India, we have all the major companies available.

4. Screw retained prosthetic solutions is the most important factor for taking a decision. Most of the implantologists can do immediate loading but can never give a retrievable solution. When undergoing full arch or full mouth rehabilitation, replacing all the teeth with implants, there is always a possibility of complications. This is because one should understand the fact that dental implants are artificial root substitutes which go into the bone to bear the teeth or crowns above the gum levels. The latest implants are fabricated with grade 5 Titanium which is highly pure and medical grade. The prosthodontist replaces the missing teeth and hence it’s important that you not only have an experienced implantologists, but also a full team of dental professionals including the best in prosthodontics.

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