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Emergency Dental Services are being provided only by a very few Dental specialities and The Dental Specialists is one among the very few with an expert team ready  to serve 24 hours a day! The efficiency of The Dental Specialists to contain the spread of the virus could be attributed to the care and strict maintenance of standards set by health authorities of the state. 

Our Dentists have taken extraordinary measures to keep the virus spread in check, and make sure patient safety is of paramount importance than anything else.

Hence, it is absolutely safe to visit a dentist, and get treatments too, during the lockdown. The facts are self evident, and research proves beyond doubt that our dentists are considered safest and to be at the top in combating the viral spread, despite the risks, despite the apprehensions, despite doubts, despite vulnerable working environment, despite dealing with aerosols from open mouths.

How do our dentists make our offices safe for our patients?

The following describes steps taken by our dental office, simply by adhering to rules laid down by authorities and also continuing to provide perfect sterilization protocols that have been in use since decades, even before covid started.

The latest survey by American Dental Association stares that less than 1% of all the dentists tested positive for the virus and this is attributable to the safety policies and disinfection practices at all the dental offices.  Even during a pandemic, it’s still safe to go to the dentist. That’s what the         American Dental Association is telling the public.”

So, be assured that we have taken all the measures for your safety and do visit us for your dental needs. In this pandemic while we have planned to open our clinics and provide expert dental treatments, one major thing to consider is to provide safe environment to our patients and staff.

Before you visit us, please have a look on the safety measures taken by us for you which are according to the norms provided by Dental Council of India (DCI).

3.Screening of body temperature and oxygen saturation levels of all patients and staff.

  1. Providing hand sanitizer containing Isopropyl alcohol.
  1. Disposable shoe covers for patients before entering the clinic.
  2. Completely sterile reception area with safe physical distancing AT THE RECEPTION AREA.
  1. A detailed patient consent and declaration regarding COVID 19 and general diseases with recent travel history.
  2. Maintaning physical distancing in waiting area with well planned staggered appointments.

7. Increased sanitization with regular disinfectiong of floors, door knobs and handles with 1% Sodium Hypochlorite.


1. Treatment rooms divided into 3 parts according to the type of treatment done.

Only checkups, Non aerosol producing and aerosol producing procedures to prevent cross contamination.

2. Maintaining of air circulation with natural air through frequent opening of windows.

3. Regular disinfection of treatment rooms including dental chairs after each treatment.

4. Our Dentists use PPE including mouthmasks, headcaps, face shields, gloves, and full-body gowns while doing treatments. PPE is changed or sterilized after treating each patient to minimize the risk of cross contamination.

  1. Use of sanitized and autoclaved instruments packaged in sterile disposable covers.

6. Patients provided with headcaps and protective eyewear during aerosol producing treatments.

6. Use of mouthrinse containing 0.5% povidone iodine solution for 30 sec before start of treatments.

What emergency procedures do we serve?

Treatments of painful and sensitive teeth and gums

Treatments of fractures 

Treatments of abscesses, cysts, malignancies, tumours

Treatment of children’s Dental emergencies like falls, trauma

Treatment of bleeding gums or disorders.

Treatments of oral submucous fibrosis and white and red lesions 

Treatments of fungal infections like the black fungus

Treatments of loose teeth

Treatments for patients on dialysis, or heart or kidney surgery

Emergency root canal treatments 

Emergency surgical procedures like apisectomy or splitting or curettage, pus drainage

Emergency procedures on pregnant patients

Urgent treatments for tooth loss

Your safety is ensured, guaranteed, and responsibly taken care of. Visit The Dental Specialists, without doubt and maintain oral hygiene by following your dentists suggestions. However, we need to strictly adhere to the rules and guidelines laid down by authorities and dental offices 


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