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 Dr. Venkat Nag who is an Elite Implantologist and the inventor of his own technique called TTPHIL- ALL-TILT Protocol which shall surely help you with the finest treatment possible make sure to visit The Dental Specialists, the best dental clinic in Hyderabad for dental implants.


What is an Implant? Make of an Implant??

An Implant is a little titanium fixture that is placed surgically into the jawbone to hold dental prosthesis (replacement tooth, bridge or denture) in its place.

What Implant does?

It replaces the root part of a missing tooth and provides an anchorage for the dental prosthesis to stay intact and withstand forces.

The need of a tooth implant depends on the amount of bone currently available, the patient’s health and their preference of restoration.


Dental Implants looks very real and feel like a real tooth.

Concurrently, dental implants are the right solution to support a number of dental prostheses like crowns, dentures, or implant-supported bridges.

dental Implant

Advantages of Dental Implants:

  • Minimally invasive (keyhole surgery)
  • Enhanced Smile
  • Improved chewing
  • Improved speech
  • Prevents further bone loss


Different Implant Techniques:

  • Single piece Dental Implant (single tooth implants)
  • Conventional Dental Implants (single tooth and multi-tooth implants)
  • Immediate Dental Implants (Teeth-In-a-Day)
  • Fixed teeth in 3days 
  • TTPHIL Technique ®
  • Maxillary Sinus Lift Implants
  • Zygomatic Implants
  • Pterygoid Implants and More on

all on 4 vs all on 6


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Why Choose The Dental Specialists:

Our world class dental centre with in-house surgical centre allow us to provide dental implant options at reasonable and affordable price comparatively to other Implant institutes.

Our Services:

The Dental Specialists has dedicated individual rooms to provide hygienic results and our tie up with state of art labs provide high quality denture services including permanent implant (Single piece implant).

Implant Occlusion

Shortened Dental Arch Concept:

A Prosthodontist will know the concept of occlusion.

Studies done by bone scientist show full mouth implants should always follow a shortened dental arch concept, protocol which is followed by Dr. Venkat Nag.

A Proper Occlusion is the only key to the success of the dental implants and the artificial dental prosthesis.


Should be always checked in a proper way by an Implantologist who have studied exclusively on implant occlusion at the post-graduation level.

A Prosthodontist is the master of occlusion principles.

Dr. Venkat Nag follows the balanced occlusion concept and the Protocols necessary thereby the biting loads are distributed evenly on the entire prosthesis without effecting individual components.


What Are The Causes for Lost Or Missing Teeth?

A person might experience a lost tooth or several missing teeth for a wide variety of reasons.

The most obvious reason most people would think of right away for lost teeth would be an accidental impact to the teeth or jaw.

This could occur in many situations, such as a fall that results in contact to the mouth or face area, or due to a high-impact collision during some types of physically-aggressive sports.

While trauma to the jaw and mouth are a very common reason, these are not the only situations that cause lost teeth.

How it affects oral health?

There are also many instances where serious dental problems or other health conditions can manifest in ways that include loose or lost teeth.

For example, advanced stages of tooth decay that occur as a result of improper oral care and neglected dental health can definitely cause loose and lost teeth, or necessitate a tooth extraction.

Other conditions, such as oral cancer and gum disease, can also cause teeth to become loose in the jaw to the point where they can fall out if not treated.

In fact, gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is the number one reason why teeth are lost.

Whatever the specific reason is for a loose or lost tooth, it is absolutely critical that treatment is begun as quickly as possible to prevent any worsening of the condition and begin the process of healing the patient’s mouth.

missing tooth

Why Is It So Important To Replace Lost Teeth Quickly?

The urgency of treating lost teeth comes from a combination of factors.

First, a lost tooth can have a significant impact on the function of the patients’ mouth, including the ability to eat and drink.

Proper nutrition is essential to maintaining a healthy body, and this includes the health of teeth and gums.

However, Lost teeth can also have detrimental effects on speech patterns, such as slurring or mispronunciations of certain words, resulting from the change in sensations missing teeth cause between the tongue and lips during speaking.

Self-confidence can also be dramatically affected by lost teeth, making people far more apprehensive to smile or reducing their desire to engage in social situations.

As you’d expect, the longer this persists for people, the more compounded the effects can be.

Therefore, Low self-confidence can, over time, have a noticeable impact on a person’s overall feelings of happiness and well-being, possibly leading to other physical or mental health effects if not properly managed.

In addition to negative impacts to mouth function and overall wellness, lost teeth also accelerate the issue of bone density loss in the jaw.

This occurs because natural teeth exert frequent pressures on the jawbone, stimulating the area and encouraging the bone and surrounding tissues to strengthen.

Once teeth are missing from the jaw, this pressure becomes reduced, which in turn reduces the simulation that maintains bone density.

Over time, the jawbone can become less dense and weaken, increasing the likelihood of potential breakage or fractures.

Loss of bone density can also result in symptoms of soreness or pain in the surrounding area, gradually becoming more severe as the condition progresses.

As you can see, the negative effects of lost teeth are significant, and the long-term risks are too important to be ignored.

Lost teeth should be replaced as soon as possible, as this is the only way to effectively stave off these effects and restore the patient’s state of dental health.

To do this, dentists will select from a range of different dental implant solutions depending on the number of teeth that have been lost, and the current condition of the patient’s jawbone and overall state of health.

replacement of missing tooth

Dental Implants Aftercare: Dos and Don’ts:

A Dental Implant is eventually the best and an efficient permanent solution to replace any missing teeth.

It’s an oral surgery performed by an Implantologist in which a titanium screw is surgically placed within the jawbone to replace the missing tooth’s root structure.

Simultaneously, this placement also provides strength to the bone structure by fusing itself with jawbone to create a solid base foundation for tooth replacement.

Once implant gets fused itself with the surrounding bone and is firm, a customized dental crown is attached to the post via a support called as abutment.

The new tooth looks real and feels natural, just like the rest of our teeth, and thus restoring the smile and confidence of the person.

Dental Implants not only supports the dental crowns, but also supports the dental bridges and dentures too.

If any single tooth is damaged or missing, a single tooth implant could be replaced by it.

When multiple teeth that were adjacent to each other are supposed to be missing, an implant-supported bridge or all on 4 dental implants is the best option to go for.

But when a greater number or all the teeth are lost, an implant-retained denture will be the best option.

It doesn’t matter how many teeth you might have lost, dental implants can restore your natural smile.

If you are wondering whether you need dental implants, an Implantologist is the best person to seek a professional advice from.

Once you experience the surgery most patients feel that the process is quite straightforward, and they would not have to deal with much in the way of pain afterwards.

The only thing you should be worried about post-surgery is Good Oral Hygiene.

Once the treatment is completed, it is the patient’s responsibility to keep their mouth and new implants healthy and hygienic to avoid any further problems.

While a dental implant surgery is a pretty routine, standard procedure, to ensure they last as long as possible, it’s important you’re taking care of them properly.

If you have or are planning to get dental implants, your periodontist or dentist will advise you about the after-care instructions.

But the following dos and don’ts will also guide you on what to expect once you have your dental implants.

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Control Bleeding: A little bleeding from the implant site is expected once the surgery has been completed.

To keep the blood loss to a minimum, follow these tips:

  • Apply pressure to the affected area by placing a damp gauze pad and biting down on it for at least an hour.
  • Sit in an upright position, avoid laying down flat. But if you must lay down, make sure your head is elevated with a pillow.
  • Avoid any strenuous physical activity.
  • Don’t smoke.

Control Swelling: Swelling is a by-product of any surgery and becomes apparent only a day later.

After a couple days have passed, the swelling reaches its peak and is expected to stay for a few more days.

But here are some expert tips to ease it:

  • Soothe the swollen area with an icepack immediately after the surgery.
  • Repeat the process above for 10 minutes in intervals of 20 minutes (Do this only on the day of surgery).
  • After the first day (24 hours), cold compress won’t make the swelling any better.
  • Rather, moist heat could be more effective in reducing it further.

Take Painkillers: The local anaesthetic given by your surgeon only lasts a few hours after the surgery, so it is likely that you might start experiencing pain later in the day.

Eat Soft Foods/Drink Plenty of Fluids: For the first week after surgery, go for healthy options like fruit juices, lemonades, water, etc.

Make Sure You Rest: “When You’re Sick, Rest is Best” should be your daily anthem until you heal.

Taking good time to rest will not only accelerate healing but it will also rejuvenate your body and soul.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene: Good oral hygiene is directly proportionate to faster healing and zero chances of infection.

Take Antibiotics: If your surgeon has prescribed antibiotics, make sure you follow the medicine course as directed.

Antibiotics are important to control infection and must be taken as prescribed.

Let it Heal: The implant site generally heals with time, given you are practicing good oral hygiene and making healthy lifestyle choices.


Discourage Healing: Right after surgery, you will have the urge to check on the implant site with your tongue or fingers but avoid doing that.

Try not to bother the implant site at least for a day or two.

It is important for the area to form blood clots to stop bleeding, and voluntary actions like spitting, sucking, or smoking will only delay that.

Eat Hot Foods/Drink Hot Drinks: Right after surgery, do not eat or drink anything that is hot or spicy as that may irritate the surgical area.

Eating just after the surgery is also not recommended.  Try to wait until the effects of local anaesthesia have subsided.

Smoke: Smoking isn’t bad, it’s the worst. 

Whether your body is healing or perfectly normal, smoking will worsen your health in any case.

This reduces blood flow to the tissues and proper flow of blood within the body is necessary for good health and healing.


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