Cost of Root Canal Treatment

Like every other thing there are multiple factors that influence the cost of root canal treatment in India. As a patient it is important that you know all the pros and cons before making a decision on your treatment rather than blindly trying to go for the lowest cost treatment option available.

Things to Know About Cost of Root Canal Treatment

Who is conducting the procedure ?
The cost of Root Canal treatment will definitely depend on who is conducting the procedure. Root canals are done by both experienced general dentists as well as specialist Endodontists. Getting it done with a general dentist could cost 20% – 30% lesser than a specialist Endodontist.
However, you need to consider that while root canal treatment can cost lesser with a general dentist, if it is a complex case, the rate of failures or complications could be more. The cost of retreatment and fixing the root canal can actually cost you much more than the initial 20% – 30% savings and also it could be more complex and time consuming. We always recommend getting it right in the first go and relying on specialist, even if it is marginally higher in terms of cost.

The Type of Equipments used for Root Canal Treatment
Dentistry has advanced significantly over the years both in terms of the technologies used and how they impact the procedures. Modern equipment and processes are making treatments like root canal faster and pain less. The use of high tech instruments like rotary endodontics, protaper system, Apex locator , digital x-rays will cost 20-30% more than the use of conventional ones.

The Complexity of the Case
The cost of root canal treatment can vary widely based on the complexity of the case and which tooth is being treated.Some teeth (such as molars) will have more root canals than others, and hence will cost more to fill. As a guide, molars with more canals will cost 20-30% more to fill than front teeth.

Other Factors Effecting Root Canal Treatment Cost in India

If you are traveling to India for Root Canal Treatment from some other country, you will also need to consider few other factors. In general the cost of treatment can be effected by the city in which you are getting the treatment done. Cities like New Delhi, Mumbai etc have a higher cost of living index and hence your dentist is likely going to charge you more for your root canal treatment, compared to a less expensive city like Hyderabad.

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