Cost of Dental Implants in India

The cost of dental implants in India is much less when compared to the cost of implants in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and other developed countries, even though the quality of treatment available is similar or sometimes even better. dental implant cost in IndiaDental implants are a fairly common treatment today and are often preferred as it provides one of the most permanent solutions for tooth replacement. While dental implants could be costlier compared to a simple denture the advantages outweigh the cost significantly. The availability of world-class healthcare technology and products in India makes the treatment even more reliable and predictable. In this article, we will briefly discuss the factors that contribute to the cost of dental implants, provide you with some understanding on how much it might cost for various types of implant treatment at The Dental Specialists and also specifically for our International patients we will provide a comparison of implant cost in India vs. several other countries.Let’s first look at the factors that contribute to the cost of dental implants.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Dental Implants

Some of the factors that can directly impact the cost of your dental implants in India –

Brand and Type of Implants

There are various types and qualities of implants available in the market at various price points. Depending on the type of implant your dentist advises and the quality you decide to choose, the cost of implant treatment will vary.

The Treatment Process

A dental implant process has various aspects to it. It will often start with tooth extraction and then on a case to case basis the complexity of the process can vary. Thus the cost for the complete dental implant treatment also varies.

Bone Grafting / Sinus Lift

On a case to case basis, some dental implant patients require additional procedures like Sinus Lift or Bone grafting to be done before a dental implant can be placed properly. For example, if there is not enough bone to place the implant, your dentist might want to do a bone grafting first before placing the implants. This adds to the cost of the treatment.

The Dentist

As in every trade, dentists come with different levels of skills. If you are working with a highly skilled dental implant specialist, he will likely charge a higher fee than a new general dentist. Dental implants, though a very common treatment, requires highly specialized skills and it is definitely advisable to work with a dental implant specialist only.

Cost of Dental Implant in India

The Dental Specialists is one of the reputed dental clinics in India offering dental implants for patients in India and abroad. While there could be some variation in cost from one clinic to others, we have used our cost of various types of dental implants to provide a ballpark for you.
Types of Dental Implant Cost
Single Tooth Implant 25000 INR to 50000 INR
Full Mouth Implant 500000 INR to 800000 INR
Zygomatic Implants 60000 INR each
All on 4 Implants 500000 INR approximately
TTPHIL – Permanent Teeth in 2-9 Days 650000 INR to 800000 INR

Compare Dental Implants Cost in India, US, UK, UAE, Australia

At The Dental Specialists, every year we also serve a lot of International patients across USA, UK, UAE, Australia, and various other countries. While we can confidently tell you that the money you will spend on dental implant treatment in India would be much cheaper than getting the treatment in your home country even when you factor in the travel and other ancillary costs – for your convenience we have put together a comparative table of the dental implant cost.
Types of Dental Implant India USA UK UAE Australia
Dental Implant Cost 25000-50000 INR USD 3000 GBP 2000 6000 Dirham AUD 4500
Cost in USD (Refereced from Google as on 2nd May, 2020) USD 330 – 650 USD 3000 USD 2500 USD 1600 USD 2890
  We hope this gives you a fair idea about the cost of dental implants in India but if you have any further questions about cost or any other aspect of dental implant treatment, please feel free to contact us. Here is another slide deck that we have put up for our patients to understand the various factors and aspects of dental implants and how it affects the cost of the treatment.