Conventional Dental Implants vs TTPHIL Implant Technique

At The Dental Specialists, India we strongly recommend TTPHIL technique for most of our patients who need a dental implant. Dr. Venkat is a pioneer of this TTPHIL technique. He has written about this technique of dental implants in several international magazines and also in various dental conferences across the world.

While the key advantage of TTPHIL is the quick turnaround (you can get a permanent set of teeth in as little as 2-9 days) and its economical nature, as a patient, we feel it is important for you to understand the treatment procedures and also understand the options available to you. Hence this article aims to provide clear differentiation between the conventional method of dental implants and the TTPHIL technique of Implants.

Conventional Dental Implants vs TTPHIL Implant Technique

Immediate loading: Permanent teeth given within 48 hours Delayed loading: Permanent teeth given after 3 -6 months
Tall (16-25mm) and tilted(30⁰-70⁰) implants  
Anchorage from basal bone Anchorage from crestal bone
Two piece cortical implant Two or three piece crestal implants
Single stage implant system Double stage implant system
Time taken minimum 48 hrs Time consuming around 4-12 months
Pin hole flapless, no sutures Sutures are needed as flap is reflected to expose bone
Various implant designs and sizes are available Limited implant designs and sizes available
No surgical sinus lifting and bone augmentation required Invasive surgical procedures like sinus lift and bone augmentation are needed in case of insufficient bone
More economical Expensive surgical add on procedures
Can be done in severe gum disease, smokers and diabetics Can be done with minimal success rate
Proven to be successful in compromised bone conditions Not a good choice in compromised conditions as the chances of failure are more
Fast and simple Complicated and time taking
Micro-movement of implant in cortical bone is minimal Micro-movement in crestal bone is high
Bone loss around the implant in future is around to zero High chances of bone loss around implant overtime
Basal bone capable of bearing heavy chewing forces Not so resistant to wear and tear
Chances of Peri implantitis is very low High

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